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How would you like to spend a night or more at a hotel once frequented by Clark Gable, Ingrid Berman, Marilyn Monroe and a long list of other Tinseltown luminaries? Or snuggle down under the sheets at a former stagecoach stop along the famous Chisolm Trail which played host to George Custer, the cavalry commander in the Civil and American Indian Wars, and Jesse James, who needs no introduction? If luxury and elegance are your preference, how about the Hotel Du Pont in Wilmington,

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Indiana's Turkey Run State Park




The USA's national parks are indeed a treasure. But we may not always be within a short drive of one. State parks, on the other hand, are more plentiful, often found within shorter distances and can provide a satisfying alternative for a decent "nature fix." A recent invitation to join a group of friends for a weekend at Turkey Run State Park in Indiana was just the ticket.

As many state parks do, Turkey Run offers a variety of lodging options  - in this case, an inn, cabins, and

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