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Top Musts in Southern Arizona


Commonly known as the Grand Canyon State, Arizona is and for the many deserts that cover large masses of the state that are filled with the famous saguaro cacti as well as prickly pears. Fewer people, though, realize that a quarter of the state is covered in lush forests -including the biggest virgin Ponderosa pine forest in the USA.

With sunshine around 85 percent of the year, southern Arizona has been giving Florida and California a run for their money as a holiday destination. a perfect destin

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Selling the “Polygamy Tour” in Arizona

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Selling the “Polygamy Tour” in Arizona

And why would we be surprised?

We have "Medical Tours" where travelers combine a few days in a luxury hotel and first class beaches in Thailand, while getting a hip replaced or heart by-pass surgery.

Then we saw “Fertility Tours” where women travel to Cyprus and beyond to sell their eggs for big bucks, and see the sights in the process.

And now, according to AOL Travel there’s a new four-hour tour into Colorado City, Arizona to lea
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