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4 U.S. Dude Ranches to Saddle Up this Year



There will be even more reasons to ranch this year, properties across the U.S. West catering to the wannabe cowhand and the luxury city slicker.




Tony Daly, managing director of London-based dude ranch clearinghouse Ranch Rider, observes, “With WestJet announcing direct flights from London Gatwick to various Canadian destinations and America’s National Park Service celebrating its centenary, there will be even more reason to hit the trail this year. Canada is currently great value for Bri

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Oklahoma City Spirit and Style


Oklahoma´s capital (pop. around 681,000) is a place that exudes charm, character, a dash of sorrow, and overall a spirit that inspires visitors to live their lives more meaningfully. There´s the proverbial something for everyone here, and I recently spent three fascinating days it all - and like others who came before me and those who will follow… my soul was changed forever.

Arriving at the easy breezy Will Rogers Airport I picked up my luggage in record time and headed off to the  

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