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Cowboy Dreams in Guanacaste, Costa Rica

It is said in Costa Rica that the best “all-terrain vehicle” for navigating the country is a horse. Costa Ricans love horses and their riding traditions – their equestrian roots coming from the Spanish who brought horses with them to Central America in the 16th century.

Guanacaste-cowboy-rides-off-into-the-sunset-in-Costa-Rica-300x209.jpg?width=300The northwestern province of Guanacaste is the heart and soul of Costa Rica’s equestrian life. Here, vast rolling plains, towering volcanoes and mountains, and a sunny, dry and hot climate of the dry tropical forest create perfect

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Although many visitors come to Buenos Aires for an urban vacation experience, often times they want to escape the hustle and bustle of the mega city and enjoy a more relaxed break at an estancia in the country. Argentina's estancias are very much a part of the country's history and the essence of the local culture. Surrounded with tradition, they shelter the past and present of both criollos and immigrants. At the very gay-friendly Puesto Viejo estancia and Polo Club near Buenos Aires, guests ca

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The world has been spinning for about twenty minutes now. It is the top of the fourth day of my horse-pack trip into the High Sierras. After a long day of riding my legs were weak, I stepped over a rill meandering through the grass, sank into the moss and lost my balance. My fall was shortstopped by a jagged branch jutting upward from a slumbering log that lodged in my rib cage. Fired by John Muir’s rapturous account, “My First Summer in the Sierra,” I had never asked myself what would happen to

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Recently in Puerto Rico I attended the Saborea (savor), a “culinary extravaganza.” The event is a series of tastings and parties that culminates at Escambron Beach, ocean side under enormous tents. One tent showcased tastings from island chefs and Puerto Rican rum. Yum! The other tent was set up as a food theatre where two chefs had 45 minutes to create their own signature dish that was then judged side by side by a panel. The chefs were either Food Network or Bravo TV stars, or stellar local ta

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4 U.S. Dude Ranches to Saddle Up this Year



There will be even more reasons to ranch this year, properties across the U.S. West catering to the wannabe cowhand and the luxury city slicker.




Tony Daly, managing director of London-based dude ranch clearinghouse Ranch Rider, observes, “With WestJet announcing direct flights from London Gatwick to various Canadian destinations and America’s National Park Service celebrating its centenary, there will be even more reason to hit the trail this year. Canada is currently great value for Bri

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