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A Top 10 Bucket List in New York City



New York City, the cultural and economic hub of the United States, is a melting pot of diversity, energy, and iconic landmarks. From towering skyscrapers to historic neighborhoods, from world-class museums to scenic parks, the city offers a plethora of attractions to explore. A first-time visitor or a seasoned traveler, here are the top 10 places visit to New York.

Times Square

Times Square is the bustling epicenter of New York City, known for its dazzling lights, giant billboards, and bustli

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Google recently released its list of its most popular searches during 2022, and when it comes to scenic spots in the United States there are some surprises. For starters, “scenic spots” in Google’s definition does not include iconic places like Vermont’s Technicolor White Mountains in fall or the yawning Grand Canyon in Arizona (and by the waym more about canyons later). Instead, Google users were primarily interested in where to see and photograph some of Moth

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Friday, December 2, 2022 in Manhattan, New York
Annual Scandinavian Christmas Ball 2022
Enjoy a truly festive evening at the beautiful Metropolitan Club in NY for our favorite evening of the year & the start of the Holiday Season!
The ticket includes: open bar, selection of hors d’oeuvres, a three course dinner, Lucia Procession and Lucia songs, and dancing until midnight!
GUESTS OF HONOR: We are honored this year to be able to award two Guests of Honor at the Ball, Emma Bengtsson and Fredrik Bers
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6 Top Cool Experiences in Brooklyn, New York City


My kinda town, New York City is - and unlike many other Manhattanites (ashemedly including myself, back in the day), I do not fetishize my home borough these days. Yet when it comes to the tourism and much else in the Big Apple, fuhgeddaboutit – Manhattan remains the proverbial “800-pound gorilla”, an attention hog with all the flashiest sights, dining, shows, and yadda yadda yadda. But the so-called “outer boroughs” (besides Brooklyn, the BronxQueens, and Staten Island) have really

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6 of the World's Choicest Chinatowns



恭喜發財 (That's Kung hei fat choy! to you). As hundreds of millions ring in the Year of the Monkey for Chinese New Year (aka Lunar New Year) today, I'm reminded of one of the Chinese diaspora's great gifts to travelers across the planet: funky Chinatowns where the age-old culture of the Middle Kingdom (and increasingly, other parts of Asia) meets a variety of others in sometimes fascinating ways.

The best ones are the traditional ones, which developed organically, as opposed to a recent trend

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