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When visiting a city for a few days even as a dedicated well researched traveler, it's difficult to cover all the can't-miss attractions, let alone sample the wide crosscut of renowned food and beverage offerings. Markets and food halls provide a solution with an array of choices under one roof instead of visiting each establishment individually scattered across many neighborhoods. Among the first in the United States, Philadelphia's public markets have provided the perfect environment for food

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London's 5 Best Winter Pop-Ups

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Happy Boxing Day! Always a festive date in a festive season. But another phenomenon that helps keep that festiveness going all winter are the various cool pop-ups - restaurants, bars, galleries, shops, quirky experiences - always coming along to keep us entertained. Spring brought us all kinds of chocolatey treats and summer had its beach bars, but the chilly season in some ways brings us the most exciting new pop-ups of all. It’s time to get cosy with open fires, snug cinemas and a whole load

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Budapest, Hungary: Market Share


Hungry for a spicy taste of Budapest? Go no further than Central Market and try to sort out what paprika to buy – mild, hot, hotter? Your choice. Bev Malzard reports.


Ah, Budapest, we had such a short time together. On arrival in the evening and not in top form, the best way we could connect was me looking through the picture window of my hotel room, as the river at the ‘Pest’ side from my ‘Buda’ side of the mighty Danube River. The beautiful buildings high over the bank lit up, sparkly little b

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Delhi has been, since historical times, remained a favoured destination for shoppers. From traditional bazaars to modern-day swanky malls, Delhi has everything to offer to a customer. It has a rich cultural diversity due to which it has become a shopping hub. In Delhi you can find any quality/quantity of items from low to high.
I would like to thank Hotel "The Beaufort Inn" for telling us about the local markets which are in South Delhi. I will suggest all our readers that if they are visiting De

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Barcelona's Bountiful Boqueria Market

"By their markets ye shall know them."  OK, no one actually ever said that, but on my travels I have often found it to be true. After all, what lovelier way to learn the nuances of a foreign culture than rubbing shoulders with the locals, tasting the flavors of their land? Well yes, there is literature and art and music, but we certainly can't appreciate those on an empty stomach; and so, before heading to the Prado or the pyramids or a voodoo ceremony, you may just find me visiting the local

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9008906689?profile=originalShopping in Costa Rica, whether for Christmas gifts or birthdays, etc. is a creative affair in Playa Guiones, near Nosara.


The eclectic Guanacaste beach community is home to more than 35 talented international and national artists who sell handmade art and products. The Nosara Artisans group always holds an annual Holiday Art Fair in Playa Guiones in December.


Artists make everything by hand, such as handmade bikinis and beachwear, unique pottery, glass art, fabric art, jewelry, painting, photog

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Atenas farmers' market

by Shanon Farley

It is a Friday morning in my little mountain coffee town of Atenas, Costa Rica. The traditional Friday farmers’ market, called a “feria” in Spanish, is abuzz with shoppers and vendors.

Fresh flowers at the Atenas Costa Rica market
Mounds of mangoes, melons, watermelon, pineapples and a myriad of other
fruits juicily beckon buyers. Crisp lettuces, spinach, cilantro and other greens glisten with water droplets. Fat potatoes, onions, sweet potatoes, yucca and carrots stack in pyramids. The flower man is doing brisk business c

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A Haggling Dance in the Souqs of Marrakech

9008822683?profile=originalphoto: The Visual Explorer /

The crowds pushed us along, and every now and again a hoot from behind would make everyone move to the side as a motorbike snaked its way past. A clanging bell indicated a donkey and cart were coming through. Bags, belts, shoes, carpets, and wooden handicrafts were everywhere to see. The smell of spices hung in the air and outside every shop sat a man waiting to pounce.

“Hello,” one man boomed. He sat outside a stall peddling shoes. “I have good barg

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Food, Fashion and Fancy in London’s Markets

Covered, uncovered, on streets or converted Victorian buildings, London’s markets are a long-standing tradition in the British capital, and a great way to rub shoulders with the locals. Below are some of our favourites:


Borough Market

Borough Market is not only our favourite market in London, but one of our favourite places in the city, period. It’s been operating on London’s South Bank, near London Bridge for almost 300 years, making it the city’s oldest fruit and vegetable market. The abundance

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One of the fabulous things about Majorca today is that the island’s many markets are thriving more than ever. For it’s in the hustle and bustle, the rainbow colours and mix of aromas that you find the true soul of a destination. For many visitors there’s no better experience than soaking up the authentic atmosphere of a local market whilst haggling about the price of arts and crafts or tasting some of the local produce.

Throughout the week, towns all over the island hold their weekly markets.

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When one thinks of downtown Los Angeles, the first thought to come to mind probably isn't one of America's oldest and diverse food markets, Grand Central Market. Besides offering some of the freshest produce, meats, fresh fish and more in Los Angeles, the market is a sumptuous walk through "tasty treat heaven."  Living part of the year near downtown L.A., I'll take a bike ride to sample the various food  eateries throughout the small market. Many people may not know that Los Angeles is one of th

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Fredericton, the capital of New Brunswick, a Canadian Maritime  province, is not the kind of place where you'd expect a savory, colorful, high-energy outdoor farmers’ market.

But while it’s not Marrakesh or Istanbul, it does have a very cool, complete market with lots of exciting colors and smells.

You can watch the 1-minute Fredericton Travel Video PostCard here.

Outside the air is redolent with smoky barbeque mostly from Elke’s Truck ( Huge Sausages, “Bratwurst With Lots of Garlic $3.50”), 

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When In Asia, Visit a "Wet Market"


One of the most amazing shopping experiences in Asia is a visit to a wet market. A wet market is basically a fresh food market make “wet’ by the liberal use of water to keep the poultry, meat and vegetables looking clean and fresh plus keep the fish and shellfish alive.

Traditionally they are open-air markets often on the bank of a waterway so the fish and shellfish making it convenient for fishermen. The traditional rationale for a wet market in hot climates where there was little refrigeration

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Chau's Fresh Fruit and Juice also serves fresh steamed corn and boiled peanuts. Located at Maunakea Market.

You'll surely wish you'd have a kitchen to cook in when you stroll around Chinatown on a busy Sunday morning. Shop after shop overflows with fresh produce, meats and seafood -- a feast for the eyes as well as the palette. The streets are abuzz with locals shopping and haggling. You'll want to do some of the same if you're tempted by the myriad little shops with Chinese goods ranging from

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Cancun Caribe Park Royal Grand

Cancun Caribe Park Royal Grand

I had the great fortune of joining other bloggers on a sponsored trip to Cancun’s Caribe Park Royal Grand right on the wide open powder white beach overlooking turquoise Caribbean surf. This all inclusive is the primo retreat for a fun-in-the sun holiday.

The perfection starts with their two lavish pools. One is an activities oriented DJ-hosted pool with a walkup bar where efficient tenders gregariously churn out the margaritas and rum and cokes. Poolside bingo, chic

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by José Alejandro Adamuz

One of the best ways to get to know a country is through its markets. What you find is not only its products, but an entire way of life, of feeling, of talking… dare we even say, of falling in love with the place. An entire country is exposed to our senses, through its people and its culture. And so in order to get to know Ecuador better, we’re going to take a stroll through one of the most important markets – not just of the country, but of all South America. Get yo

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