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Every September 27, travelers celebrate International World Tourism Day. The tourism landscape has changed immensely since the first such celebration in 1980, with the Internet becoming inevitable for travelers and travel agents.  According to the World Tourism Organization (UNTWO), in 2018
84  percent of travelers booked their holiday through bundling sites like Expedia or Kayak instead of contacting hotels and airlines. This counts for 1.176 billion travelers.

Most travelers would

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Lung Phin market – one of the most typical and unique backward market in Ha Giang Province

Most of markets in the north of Vietnam are organized in fixed day such as: Coc Ly Market on Tuesday, Can Cau Markets on Saturday….and repeat weekly. 

But Lung Phin, Sa Phin, Pho Bang, Pho Cao markets in Ha Giang Prince are the exceptional! They take place every 6 days in accordance with 12 animal designations – Rat, Ox, Tiger, Cat/Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Goat, Monkey, Rooster, Dog and Pig. We call the

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Old-New Forms of Tourism Product Development


The famous French phrase: “plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose” (the more things change the more they are the same) is a good starting point for tourism product development. Often what is old becomes new, and what we see as innovative was always right before our eyes.  Some basic principles of tourism product development are that “every community has a unique tale to tell, we just have not yet uncovered it”.  Another key factor is: “Be who you are, do not be what you are not”.  Fin

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1. Everyone still works with landmarks even though there are street names


In the 1980s, Dubai was the epitome of the U2 hit, “Where the streets have no name”. Instead, directions were given using landmarks, which were sometimes as vague as “turn right at the first set of pink buildings and then left at the one with the blue balcony railings”.

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