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It was exciting to stop by the Wonder 500™ Project exhibition pop-up at Exhibition Hall (4-16 West 43rd Street) to experience Japan in New York City! 


Daily traditional tea and sweet tastings enhance your experience as you peruse the 500 unique Japanese products  –
both edible and utilitarian -- on display and for purchase, only through February 9.  Many of these items are unfamiliar outside of Japan.  


Items from all 47 Japanese prefectures were selected by 30 of the country's top producer

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Do you have family members who love to Golf, while others dream of lying in the sun, and still others want a vigorous hike in the great outdoors, or maybe a trail ride on horseback? No problem, you can plan the perfect vacation for everyone near Yosemite National Park.


There are a number of public golf courses in the Yosemite area, most in the Gateway Communities to the park and one that is actually inside Yosemite itself.  There are many sunning and swimming opportunities, ranging from rivers a

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Easy Thailand Travel: Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai, Thailand, is known for its elephants, tigers, resorts, parasols, temples, hill tribes and mountains.

So what's in it for Levelers? All of the above and more.

Old city gates


Start with Chiang Mai which means "new city" despite its being 700 years old. Once capital of the Lanna ("a million rice fields") Kingdom and center of Buddhism in northern Thailand it is now the country's second largest. For many years it was accessible only by river or elephant. A railway line wasn't finished un

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1. Everyone still works with landmarks even though there are street names


In the 1980s, Dubai was the epitome of the U2 hit, “Where the streets have no name”. Instead, directions were given using landmarks, which were sometimes as vague as “turn right at the first set of pink buildings and then left at the one with the blue balcony railings”.

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