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Although the hill stations of North India enjoy an unparalleled fandom among tourists, the southern region of the country is also home to some incredible hill resorts. Check out the best hill stations in South India that will urge you to book air tickets right away.


Renowned for its rolling hills and sprawling coffee plantations, Coorg is an idyllic hill station in Karnataka. The splendid beauty of the place has also earned it the nickname, ‘Scotland of India’.


Unadulterated natural charm

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7 Unbelievably free things to do in Singapore

You probably have heard a lot about Singapore's reputation for being expensive. Now, if you're signing off to the plan of visiting the Merlion City- it will be a wrong decision. Why? Well, there are quite a handful of things to do that won't even ask for a penny. You need to touch the surface to see what's real and what's hype. But before that, here is a glimpse of free things that you can opt for in your Singapore trip. So without wasting another minute, dive dip!

Do remember, money can take you

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Traveling to Singapore is a dream of many. But being a global financial center, the place is a relatively expensive one to visit. People spend their entire life to earn and collect money for visiting Singapore to fulfill their dreams. Travel around Singapore within your budget is a bit tough.

Though Singapore tour packages avail the offers for the trip, the trip may jump out of your defined budget. The best idea to have more fun in Singapore is to opt for some free things to do there. We are goin

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If you are curious about Scandinavia, you need to consider the Swedish capital – Stockholm. The city is spread across fourteen islands connected by more than fifty bridges. It is actually one of the most visited Scandinavian cities. It is also considered the “Venice of the North”.  You can take a ferry or choose free tour stockholm for a change.

Aside from the urban fresh air and the sea breeze, you will also enjoy learning the history of the Gamla Stan or the Old Town. This is the most famous

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Over the years I have read and watched about the metropolitan city of Boston, Massachusetts. The city is fast paced, effervescent, and dynamic. Boston offers a great deal of, what I call the good life, the facilities, the stable business structure, and a great hub for career oriented people. It would be in my best interest to be in an environment as challenging and conducive to learning as the atmosphere of Boston University. My knowledge about the campus is based on what I have learned from the

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9296581869?profile=originalDoes this sound like fun?


The winners of the “Delicious La Jolla Getaway” will stay in a beautiful vacation rental in San Diego’s favorite coastal neighborhood for at least three nights.

Residents of La Jolla, 12 miles from downtown San Diego, enjoy good food, California wine, and local craft beer – and really know how to have fun. The winners are going to "live like the locals" while they're in town.

The “delicious” prize includes:

  • a scenic flight over the San Diego coast with Icon Helicopters
  • lodg
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9296581658?profile=originalI'm not a travel hacker, not really. I enjoy the places, not the interfaces. And traveling in coach is just fine with me, thanks. As a matter of fact, I do much of my traveling BY coach—bus, that is. I went all over Mexico and Central America before I ever crossed an ocean thirty-five years ago. And the only time I've ever flown first class was when they bumped me up for free. Now don't get me wrong: I'm an avid collector of frequent-flyer miles, but I'd have to have an awful lot before I'd wast

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Acclaimed Latin Rock band Del Castillo will perform at Party on the Pier on Sat., July 20.  Mitchell Historic Properties and the restaurants and attractions at Pier 21® present this new free, family-friendly gathering, which takes place on the third Saturday of the month from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. through October and features live music and entertainment including performances by award winning Austin musicians. 

Del Castillo has won upwards of 18 awards for their eclectic blend of Flamenco, Rock, Lati

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GALVESTON ISLAND, Texas (May 10, 2013) –   Galveston has long been home to a thriving art and live music scene.  This year, Mitchell Historic Properties and the restaurants and attractions at Pier 21® are raising the bar with a new monthly event called Party on the Pier.  The free, family-friendly gathering takes place on the third Saturday of the month from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. through October and features live music and entertainment including performances by award winning Austin musicians. 


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Now Manage Your Studies While On Vacations

The new features technology has evolved are numerous and are of great benefit to the mankind. These new features involve great opportunities for people belonging from different areas. Every feature has a unique capability which lures different users in it.

The most nascent feature technology has blessed us with is online education. This feature is very exciting and provides convenience to every student. With its help every student can now use their extra time to enjoy themselves and use it to eng

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Keep in Touch with Your Studies while Enjoying

Most of the students face tribulations in their studies such as they find it hard to make a balance between their studies and social life. This is a very basic problem faced by most of the students in their daily lives.

As every student needs time for their social gathering, sports and to have some enjoyment, it is often difficult for them to create a balance between their studies and other activities. Most of the students opt for different ways to create a balance between both but to find a perf

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Trekadoo Partners With



Trekadoo Vacation Rental Software Continues to Expand Product Offering by Partnering with

03.23.2011– Trekadoo has partnered with the free vacation rental listings search engine to provide its vacation rental software offering to’s growing community of users, vacation homeowners, and agencies.

In an announcement early this week, Trekadoo CEO Kathryn Christensen said, “We are excited about our latest partnership with This partnership is

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Yosemite Fee Free Dates & Extra Discounts

Did you know that all National Parks are free on certain days during the year? For 2011 the dates are at this link:


On top of Free Park Entry, many Gateway Community businesses offer extra discounts surrounding fee free dates, and other local special dates as well. You can see these specials here: 


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The Wisconsin 6 Cheese pizza introduced by Domino’s last month takes their efforts of getting behind the pizza one giant step further. As part of Domino’s American Legends specialtypizza line, the Wisconsin 6 adds cheese head fanaticism to Domino’s newhand-tossed crust and tasty herbed sauce proving once again that onlytop quality fresh ingredients are used to make each and every pizza.

As European settlers migrated west across the United States, Wisconsin’s climate and rolling grasslands made it

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