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Yee Sang is one of those fun recipes that always turns out right.  It is popular during Chinese New Year with people in Malaysia and Singapore because the names mean “abundance” and “liveliness,” both of which are auspicious for the coming year.


Collect the following ingredients but, truthfully, one can pick the items that they best like. If you don’t have one of the ingredients, double up on what you have or substitute.

7 oz fresh salmon, tuna or any white fish of your choice

3 oz  shredded carro

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A great recipe for the gourmet. Head to La Truffe Sauvage in Lake Charles, Louisiana for a world-class dinner served with wine from its large international collection. Try one of Chef Mohamed Chettouh's specialties – Stuffed Pheasant Breast.  He is gracious enough to share his recipe.


Pheasant Breast Stuffed with Leek and Fennel

2 whole pheasant 3 pound each

1 cup julienne leek, blanched

1 cup julienne fennel, blanched

Salt pepper

Butcher string

For the natural jus

1 cup diced leek

1 cup diced carrot

1 c

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One striking feature of traveling down Route 301 about an hour after crossing the Delaware border into Maryland is that all vestiges of suburbia like strip development and shopping centers recede into wide open fields and miles of undisturbed forest. Partially due to the fact that I was headed out here in November to experience the Annual Waterfowl Festival, I immediately thought, “Wow, what great farming and hunting grounds.” This coming from somebody who has never shot a rifle or climbed aboar

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9296558466?profile=originalOne important lesson I learned during my visit to St. Simons Island was how difficult it is to promote the use of locally sourced ingredients even in a region awash in native seafood, fruits, and vegetables. The more people seek out and demand better quality food, the easier and more cost-effective it will be for local purveyors to compete with mass produced mediocrity. The King and Prince, an historic resort on Georgia's coast is pulling out all the stops reaching out to local growers and culti

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Japanese cuisine

The typically Japanese cuisine ( comprises rice, meat, vegetables and fish. The Japanese emphasize more on the quality of the food and presentation. Therefore, it is no wonder that the Japanese complain of low quality food, when eating Japanese cuisines out of Japan. Let us now take a look at the interesting facts about Japanese food.
  • Large amount of raw food is used in the Japanese cuisine. In fact, you must be aware that the fish served with sushi is raw.
  • Dried sardi
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The seasoned traveler knows that one of the greatest pleasures in crossing borders and discovering new places is in sampling different countries’ cuisine; giving oneself up to the endless smells and flavorus that flood the senses and imprint lasting memories on the taste buds. Not all destinations are the same of course, but some are particularly special when it comes to the culinary contrast of colors, textures and sensations.  And Bulgaria is one of them.

Bulgarian cuisine is replete with Sl

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Spend a few days in Charleston South Carolina's Low Country and you'll either hear about Wild Dunes Resort or be staying there. An iconic beach getaway across the harbor from downtown Charleston in Isle of Palms, Wild Dunes is a sanctuary from everyday hassles. This means you're not even getting inside the gates unless you're on the guest list or show your pass.

The resort's 1600 acre chunk of barrier island wasn't always so intensely developed. Long the stomping grounds of Sewee Natives and loca

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In June 2010, the Gulf of Mexico was under siege. Black oil plumes from the Deep Horizon Oil Spill menacingly spread across vast swaths of ocean threatening marine life and shoreline ecosystems including beaches. Tourism plummeted and something had to be done to expedite cleanup efforts. Clearwater Florida vigorously rallied community support leading to many home grown initiatives. One of them still existing today is Clearwater Beach Uncorked, now in its 3rd year, continues to promote Florida's

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Puerto Vallarta, Mexico: A "Foodie" Town

Think of the Mexican resort city of Puerto Vallarta and chances are that your first thoughts gravitate towards a beach vacation. The majority of visitors are North American, neighbors from the United States and Canada, escaping a colder climate, for a bit of fun in the sun. Offering over 300 days of sunshine, adventures on the  are endless. Perhaps a surf lesson in Sayulita, a round of golf in Nuevo Vallarta, snorkeling at Los Arcos, deep sea fishing and scuba diving in the Marietta Islands are

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New York City's Street Fare


Give the best ingredients to Yassir Raouli, founder of the Bistro Truck, and he’ll create a masterpiece . . . or, as was9008652666?profile=original the case early in August, five of them.

Raouli left its usual spot in the city one summer afternoon for an uptown corner in New York City to serve his creations to foodies, who thrive on street fare.  “This is what I do. This is my art,” said Moroccan-born Raouli, who swapped his usual Moroccan-Mediterranean menu and used Jennie-O all natural turke

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by Nicole Clausing

What to eat for dinner tonight? Tapas to make Penelope Cruz weep? Fusion tacos? Pizza fired in a wood-burning oven imported from Italy? Or maybe just the best turkey sandwich you ever had? The wealth of choice gets overwhelming when you’re in a foodie town like … Orlando.

That’s right; the town best known for a four-fingered mouse who doesn’t eat much of anything has spawned quite a food scene. There is offbeat funkiness to please the toughest San Francisco Mission District hips

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9296555253?profile=originalSt. Augustine’s distinction as oldest U.S. city combined with an extensive heritage featuring Ponce de Leon‘s quest for perpetual youth just happens to closely parallel Greece’s reverence of top quality olive oil. Ancient Greeks believed that olive oil, particularly when infused with flowers and herbs, promoted a long healthy life. Even medicine and cosmetics were developed using olive oil as a base. Turns out they were onto something since countless studies now point out the health benefits of

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My Dinner With Paul (Bocuse)

9008643463?profile=originalRecently I came across a slightly dated item about master chef Paul Bocuse; seems this past spring, the Culinary Institute of America declared the Lion of Lyon "Chef of the Century" as part of its annual Augie Awards. No argument from me -- and it got me to reminiscing fondly about my visit three years ago to Monsieur Paul's flagship outside Lyon, L'Auberge du Pont de Collonges.

It was a sunny spring day, and after a lovely, leafy taxi ride up the Saône River, my lyonnaise companion Guillemette

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On your visit to the Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, or Cuba, at some point soon you’re likely to find on your plate one of the locals’ favorite starchy staples: cooked plátanos (plantains -- and not just these three countries, by the way, but also various other Latin lands with Caribbean coasts and/or tropical regions, such as Colombia, Venezuela, Costa Rica, Panama, etc.). Yes, they’re long, curved, and greenish or yellowish, and they do peel back to reveal white flesh inside. But, for those

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How to Explore Food Through Philosophy


The Philosopher’s Table, a new book by author Marietta McCarty, gives you step-by-step instructions on how to start your very own "philosophy dinner club," including monthly recipes as well as accompanying conversation topics and music.

Here's how Marietta envisions her book being used: “A lively group of thinkers gathers as the music plays—hungry for camaraderie, discussion of a topic of mutual interest, and dinner. Everyone arrives with food and drink contributions that complement the dishes pr

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New Nordic Cuisine

9008640262?profile=originalI think it’s safe to say that not many of us here in North America are familiar with Nordic cuisine. If you’re up for flying to Copenhagen for the First International Nordic Feed Food Conference August 26 -28th, you’ll have plenty of chances to get acquainted with foods that are unique to Norway, Sweden, Finland, and Denmark.

10 years ago, Nordic countries were virtually invisible on the international dining scene. Lower population levels and remote location may not be the best for publicity and
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9008799468?profile=originalIn 2013 it's hardly news that that dining options in big luxury hotels have for the most part evolved way beyond the good-quality-but-bland fare of yore, with high-profile marquis restaurants showcasing some of the world’s top chefs. But in my experience, few offer a culinary experience so cozy, intimate, and downright romantic as downtown Miami’s Trapiche Room. The fine-dining star of the four eating/drinking venues at the 274-unit, Four-Diamond JW Marriott Hotel on downtown’s premier business

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What's For Dinner at a Zen Retreat?


Accessible only by a 4-wheel drive required 14-mile dirt road 25 miles southeast of Big Sur, CA, Tassajara Zen Mountain Center offers an escape from everyday like no other.

Nestled in a mountain valley deep in the Ventana Wilderness Preserve, this retreat has served as a place for self-discovery and healing since 1967 when Buddhist author Shunryu Suzuki Roshi, of Zen Mind, Beginner's Mind, opened Tassajara, the first Zen training monastery built outside of Japan.

Tassajara currently beckons everyo

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10 Dishes You Must Sample When Visiting Hanoi

Hanoi cuisine is one of the most special local aspects of Vietnam's capital which draws tourists from all over the world. In addition to pho - the most well-known dish, there are lots of others, from fancy to popular, which shouldn’t be missed. All of them help to build up a beloved image of Hanoi capital thousand years of civilization. This article will introduce the most famous dishes of Hanoi and best places for you to enjoy them.

1. Bun Oc (Shellfish Soup and Vermicelli)

Whoever has ever l

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9008621272?profile=originalYesterday was a special occasion for me – no, not so much the Rapture but a relationship anniversary – though I will admit that in a bizarre way all that ruckus had made me feel like flying up to my old and still occasional New York City stomping grounds to camp it up with Harold Camping's kooky kultists in Times Square. But I'd recently had surgery and am grounded in my current home base of Miami for the moment. So here we were at the appointed time at a fancyish downtown fish joint called The

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