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4 Fab Restaurants in Sydney


Whether it’s some of the finest dining the country has to offer, or a hole-in-the-wall experience providing wonderful cheap eats, Sydney has a wide variety of styles and flavours to treat anyone’s tastebuds. And from Bondi to Barangaroo, there’s also plenty to suit your wallet.

Five Points Burgers

"Five points" refer to New York City's five boroughs, and this North Sydney spot is all about U.S.-style hamburgers with all the trimmings, one named after each borough. For example, the Bronx Burge

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Have You Ever Heard About Food Walks?


Food walks are the newest trend in the tourism industry. Most tourism company provides a culinary experience to those visiting a particular place for the first time. Even if you are not a tourist, it allows to gather some knowledge in the food history of various places and meet some very interesting people. Overall it is culturally enlightening.

What is a food walk, you ask! Well, it is a group activity or basically a walk through some of the famous food joints of a particular place. This usually

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Fantastic Food Delicacies in Ninh Binh, Vietnam

Ninh Binh is famous for its long history and the places recognized as world cultural heritages. Therefore, this land is always the choices in each tourists journey, besides the beautiful natural scenery the famous rural food is the feature that makes people think of Ninh Binh.

If you have trouble finding places to eat, book a Ninh Binh tour through, the cost is not high and you will have a full trip.

  • Yen Mac Fermented Pork Roll

Nem Chua Yen Mac - Yen Mac Fermented Pork Roll: is one of f

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A Food Journey Through (Western) Slovenia


They say great things come in small packages, and that is certainly true for the Balkan country Slovenia. Considering it’s such a small country (thirteen times smaller than New Zealand), there is a surprising variety of traditional Slovenian dishes you can sample here. According to our walking tour guide in Ljubljana, Slovenia has seven traditional regions, and each region has its own (take on Slovenian) cuisine.

If you’re a foodie you could spend a long time travelling around Slovenia and sampli

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7 of the Best Restaurants in Tulum, Mexico

Great meals accompany great moments - they are usually inseparable. And the resort town of Tulum, on the Riviera Maya of Mexico's Caribbean coast, offers not just gorgeous beaches and the only seaside Mayan ruins in existence (above), but also myriad wonderful dining opportunities for all tastes and wallets. Here's a septet of its top venues:

Loco Tulum

Here the Israeli owner/chef Idan Lifshitz is loco, yes, but about ensuring you have a memorable experience, enjoying a mix of Italian, Middle Ea

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You always hear about Costa Rica’s amazing beauty. The fabulous uncrowded beaches. The exciting volcanoes. The thrilling adventures like zip lining and whitewater rafting. The wildlife … rainforest … and the warm, tropical climate.

What you don’t often hear about is Costa Rican food.

That’s not because there’s nothing to write home about. It’s just that Costa Rican cuisine isn’t touted as much as its sloths and surfing.

That’s all changing. Costa Rica’s government is on a mission to promote the

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The concept of taking a road trip sounds carefree and largely based on serendipity. But after rearranging your schedule and marking time on your calendar, the realization sets in that you need a planned itinerary and well equipped vehicle to get you to the most scenic routes and can't-miss sights.


It helps to have comfort and navigational assistance like you get in Chevy's 2019 Equinox. I recently tried it out on a coastal road trip to Portland, Maine and found that sitting in the driver's seat p

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When visiting a city for a few days even as a dedicated well researched traveler, it's difficult to cover all the can't-miss attractions, let alone sample the wide crosscut of renowned food and beverage offerings. Markets and food halls provide a solution with an array of choices under one roof instead of visiting each establishment individually scattered across many neighborhoods. Among the first in the United States, Philadelphia's public markets have provided the perfect environment for food

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Situated in the refreshing trade wind breezes of the Leeward Island chain in the West Indies, Nevis remains authentically Caribbean, eschewing the homogenization that has befallen so many other island destinations. This means absolutely no strip development, fast food chains, casinos, or stoplights and only one international brand resort on this 36 square mile island. Nevis's 12,000 residents live in villages where no buildings exceed the height of a palm tree and locally grown and prepared foo

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Where to Eat in Johor Bahru, Malaysia

Johor Bahru Is the Capital City of Johor, Peninsular Malaysia, Situated Just Across the Causeway From Singapore. With New Shopping Malls and Entertainment Complexes, Two World-famous Theme Parks, there are many other tourist attractions in Johor Bahru.


Johor Bahru Is Also Widely Known for Its Food, Variation of Restaurants and Styles of Cooking. Following Are Some of the Places, You Can Try For Where to Eat in Johor Bahru (JB):

1. Chez Papa French Bistro and Wine Bar


The Food at French Bistro Chez

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In Greece, First Catch Your Octopus


With Greek restaurants and tavernas, maybe cats should be awarded instead of “stars”, rosettes, or crossed knife-and-fork symbols when judging their excellence, or otherwise.

At any Greek eatery, at some stage, a cat is sure to join you, although I’m not sure whether the presence of many cats is a good sign or a bad one. Do cats go to where the food’s good, or do they maybe congregate where it’s not so good, because there’ll be more leftovers for them?

In Greece, much cooking is done on a barbecue

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With Puerto Rico's communities wiped out, hotels battered, and power grid devastated, Hurricane Maria's landfall on September 2017 was the worst storm ever on record for the island. Included in this destruction from which many are still recovering are small farms producing coffee, plantains, livestock, and other fresh fruits & vegetables. Even 100 days after the storm, half the island was still without power and many lacked access to potable drinking water.


There was serious discussion about whet

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Saturday, February 10, 2018

Our Town’s Art of Food, the ultimate event for food and art connoisseurs, returns to Sotheby’s for its third iconic year.

Over 25 culinary titans of the Upper East Side will create mouthwatering masterpieces, each dish inspired by a work of art specially curated by Sotheby’s for this one night only. Hosting this year’s exclusive evening is Claus Meyer, the culinary force behind Grand Central’s new upscale restaurant Agern and best-selling author of The Nordic Kitchen.


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Rome food tours: top tour in Italy

Extended food walking tour in Rome presents special-tasting products from local market. Your discovery of Italian meals begins in one of the busiest places in city: Campo De'fiori. Find out how to choose Italian tasty local product. You'll find out what product makes the season, and what's not and why it's so important to Italians and farmers. You're going to try delicious cuisine: Your local guide will present  you a family that holds one of our favorite positions more than a century. They sell

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Are you the one who is turned off by the mere sight of meat and sausages? Well, we totally understand the struggles pure vegetarians must be going through, while traveling. It’s quite a task to get pure organic vegetables and meatless food even these days. Especially in the Islamic countries you would rarely find a vegetarian restaurant, food joint. Now, if you are of impression that Europe too will give you a hard time at meals, here’s a sweet surprise for you!

While Europe is a famously known f

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My Hanoi Street Food Tour

9009185258?profile=originalCIAT International Center for Tropical Agriculture

It was the first time I visited Hanoi, Vietnam’s capital city. It’s chaotic, buzzing - and hungry - with a lot of interesting things to do. Before visiting Hanoi, my friend recommended me to try street food in Hanoi, especially in Hanoi Old Quarter which is a paradise of street food and the tastiest food place in the capital.

Honestly, all my knowledge of Vietnamese food barely stretched beyond pho (Vietnamese noodle soup) and  banh mi (baguet

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Vietnam is a paradise of cuisine, especially as well as street food. More and more tourists visit Vietnam to not only explore the incredible landscapes but also enjoy unique and delicious Vietnamese street food such as “pho”, “bun cha”, “banh cuon”, etc. However there are many Vietnamese street food make foreign tourists feel scary or creepy for the first time they see it or some tourists are even “scared to death”.

Allow us at Vietnam Eco Travel to introduce you top weirdest a

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Low-cost dishes local favorites that are super easy to make.

Purple Cabbage Salad


Curly strips of purple cabbage are probably one of the most beautiful things you can put on a plate, and they taste great with just extra sweet and sour sauce.

Vietnamese purple cabbage salad is mixed with orange strips of carrots and salt'n'pepper shrimp and then topped with roasted peanuts and coriander. The final step is to soften the strips with a mixture of vinegar, lemon juice, sugar, cooking oil, and eithe

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hotsaucenation.jpg?width=248Buffalo wings are now a staple American dish, bottles of Tabasco and Sriracha sit nestled between salt & pepper on countless restaurant tables across the country, and BBQ sauce seemingly gets hotter by the year. Our love affair with capsaicin, the chemical compound that makes peppers hot, is obviously growing but how did it all begin and what's fueling its meteoric rise?

Hot Sauce Nation: America's Burning Obsession written by Denver Hicks & released just several months ago provides an in depth e

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Moroccan cuisine is a mixture of influences from a number of different cultures such as the Berbers, the Moors, the Middle East, Mediterranean and Africa, although it has its own personality as it never underwent Turkish influence, unlike other countries in the Maghreb.

Moroccan cuisine is one of the most sensual in the world; it goes directly to the senses with a taste and aroma that not many international cuisines are capable of achieving. At the same time it is very simple to make and very fam

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