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3 Affordable Ways to Travel Around South Africa

South Africa is one of the most-visited destinations around the world that hosts some of the real-life adventures. Whether you are planning for the jungle safari, scuba diving, cliff climbing or want to spend a luxurious holiday in Cape Town, this country has lots to offer to the tourists. With plenty of tourist spots, South Africa experience huge crowd throughout the year. As the temperature of the place is hot and humid, you can have the opportunity to explore the lush evergreen forests as wel

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Situated in the refreshing trade wind breezes of the Leeward Island chain in the West Indies, Nevis remains authentically Caribbean, eschewing the homogenization that has befallen so many other island destinations. This means absolutely no strip development, fast food chains, casinos, or stoplights and only one international brand resort on this 36 square mile island. Nevis's 12,000 residents live in villages where no buildings exceed the height of a palm tree and locally grown and prepared foo

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