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3 Affordable Ways to Travel Around South Africa

South Africa is one of the most-visited destinations around the world that hosts some of the real-life adventures. Whether you are planning for the jungle safari, scuba diving, cliff climbing or want to spend a luxurious holiday in Cape Town, this country has lots to offer to the tourists. With plenty of tourist spots, South Africa experience huge crowd throughout the year. As the temperature of the place is hot and humid, you can have the opportunity to explore the lush evergreen forests as wel

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Climbing Mount Kenya, YHA Kenya Travel Mountain Adventures.

Best Advice From Experts on Mount Kenya Climbing, Adventure Travel safaris, budget holidays, Routes, Saftey Measures, Weather & Climbing Gear-What to Taking, Getting to Mount Kenya, Guides, Cooks & Porters Mountain Safari Tours Packages. Mountain Adventures, Mount Kenya, Climb Mount Kenya, Mount Kenya Trekking, Hiking Mount Kenya Trips, Mount Kenya Trekking Routes, Climbing Kenya Mountain, Mountain Kenya Adventures, Climbing Mount Kenya

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When Did Travel Become a Commodity?


When did it stop being an experience and more of a package, a deal, a search result?

Travel has turned into an obsession for the cheapest airfare, cheapest hotel room and pretty much the lowest, cheapest  cost for anything and every thing related to travel.

Wasn't so long ago that airlines, the most "commodified" of the travel experience, were sufficiently different from each other that you could tell them apart.

There were differences in food served, space between rows of seats, service, in-

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