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Welcome once again to Pride month, celebrated in increasing numbers of destinations around the world - although also under pressure in some of them, sadly even including part of the United States, the very country where the celebration of Pride originated. Of course, depending on where you go, travelling while LGBT+ can be a challenge, particularly if you're with a same-sex partner and/or if you are visibly queer. Sadly, there are still many countries where being gay is still consider

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Top 10 Musts in Amsterdam



One of Europe's most atmospheric cities has for good reason long been a visitor favourite. And apart from roaming its cobblestones and canals, here are ten of the best things you shouldn't miss while visiting the "Venice of the north" for an Amsterdam good time!


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Cruise the Canals

There are quite a few cruise operators that will take you on a float of around an hour to an hour and a half through a number of the 165 famous canals of Amsterdam, either by day or night. Som

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Setting Up Low-Cost Trip to Amsterdam


It may seem to some that Amsterdam is a completely inappropriate city for a budget traveler. The cost of living in hotels seems sky-high, the price/quality ratio in restaurants and cafes is inadequate, and inexpensive entertainment is not at all. But this is only at first glance. We will share with you our life hacks and secrets of how to have a good time in Amsterdam and save your money.

Accommodation in Amsterdam

Perhaps this is the main question because, without a place to sleep, everyone else

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How Does Weed Legalization Affect Tourism?


People travel to other environments for many reasons. Colorful history, vibrant culture,
famous landmarks, beautiful nature are some of the key factors for visiting a country. But, there are also some other tourism forms, like medicinal tourism, sex tourism or drug tourism.

So how is drug legalization affecting tourism in legalized countries? 

What in the World is Drug Tourism?

Drug tourism is defined as traveling with the intent to obtain or use drugs for recreational or personal use.
It is

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Are you the one who is turned off by the mere sight of meat and sausages? Well, we totally understand the struggles pure vegetarians must be going through, while traveling. It’s quite a task to get pure organic vegetables and meatless food even these days. Especially in the Islamic countries you would rarely find a vegetarian restaurant, food joint. Now, if you are of impression that Europe too will give you a hard time at meals, here’s a sweet surprise for you!

While Europe is a famously known f

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