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Setting Up Low-Cost Trip to Amsterdam


It may seem to some that Amsterdam is a completely inappropriate city for a budget traveler. The cost of living in hotels seems sky-high, the price/quality ratio in restaurants and cafes is inadequate, and inexpensive entertainment is not at all. But this is only at first glance. We will share with you our life hacks and secrets of how to have a good time in Amsterdam and save your money.

Accommodation in Amsterdam

Perhaps this is the main question because, without a place to sleep, everyone else

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Understanding the Slovenians


The interesting and vibrant culture of the Alpine Balkan country of Slovenia has common linguistic and historical roots with its neighbors Croatia and Serbia, as well as some similarities in literature and art. Nevertheless, over the centuries Slovenes have also created their own distinctive culture, based on local influences as well as those of neighboring Italy to the south and the Austria-Hungarian Empire of which it was once part.

Especially interesting for tourists is the manner of building

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Manila has been boosting up its tourism lately by erecting several casinos that could rival the world-class gaming facilities in Las Vegas and Macau. Last year, two casinos opened in Manila’s Entertainment City: Solaire in March and the City of Dreams (CoD) in early December 2014. 

CoD was first conceived in Macau. It is composed of several buildings in the famed Cotai Strip, which includes two casinos, several restaurants, and a shopping area. CoD Macau has three hotels that are operated separ

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Hi, my name is Cara. My husband Ray and I have been in the casino business for most of our working careers. We have decided to show you the view from behind the table. We will pass on a few tips, so that superstition doesn’t ruin you game. Please let us know if they help you win the next time you visit a casino!


If you were a blackjack table visited by thousands of punters a year, you would hear the same five things repeated every day. Guess what, all five of them are misconceptions, mixed up w

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Biloxi, Mississippi and the Beau Rivage


It was a bittersweet moment to book my recent trip to the Beau Rivage in Biloxi, Mississippi. As a long time travel industry employee who had not been to this area in years I was thrilled to not only have an opportunity to assess the recent damage from Hurricane Isaac in September 2012 but also to experience a new destination. The reason for my choice of destination was my son’s first deployment with the army to Afghanistan and his impending departure. So, off to Biloxi I go… I booked my trip wi

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Laughlin, Nevada: Is a Casino Charter Worth It?


I love to travel alone and as a single senior female, I find it an adventure. Occasionally, I will embark on a different kind of excursion. I just returned from a casino charter to Laughlin, Nevada which was a little out of my comfort zone. I’ve come to realize that the “single” tag is very deliberate; surely, a divorce at 53 is evidence of that. Single affords me complete control – no discussion as to when or where to eat, sleep, swim, sunbathe, tour or explore. I figured that travelling alone

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10 Reasons I Still Work In A Casino



When I was younger and working at Caesar’s Tahoe, players would sit down at my game and invariably the following question would come up. “What’s a nice girl like you doing working in a joint like this?” I would always look around me where there were rows of dealers just like me, fresh faced recent college grads trying to postpone adulthood as long as we could and Lake Tahoe (America’s all-year playground) is a great place to do it.  Over the years at one time or another most of us have left

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