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If you've seen the comedy "Portlandia," you know Portland, Oregon, as a bike-friendly city that's full of food carts, indie bookstores, farm-to-table restaurants and an embarrassing number of coffee shops. Most of these characterizations are pretty accurate. However, it's also a city that boasts more than 150 parks, including the largest forested park in the nation, 70 breweries (and counting) and one-of-a-kind fun things to do like the Freakybutttrue Peculiarium.

If you plan to travel in June,

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The concept of taking a road trip sounds carefree and largely based on serendipity. But after rearranging your schedule and marking time on your calendar, the realization sets in that you need a planned itinerary and well equipped vehicle to get you to the most scenic routes and can't-miss sights.


It helps to have comfort and navigational assistance like you get in Chevy's 2019 Equinox. I recently tried it out on a coastal road trip to Portland, Maine and found that sitting in the driver's seat p

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