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My Dinner With Paul (Bocuse)

9008643463?profile=originalRecently I came across a slightly dated item about master chef Paul Bocuse; seems this past spring, the Culinary Institute of America declared the Lion of Lyon "Chef of the Century" as part of its annual Augie Awards. No argument from me -- and it got me to reminiscing fondly about my visit three years ago to Monsieur Paul's flagship outside Lyon, L'Auberge du Pont de Collonges.

It was a sunny spring day, and after a lovely, leafy taxi ride up the Saône River, my lyonnaise companion Guillemette

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On your visit to the Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, or Cuba, at some point soon you’re likely to find on your plate one of the locals’ favorite starchy staples: cooked plátanos (plantains -- and not just these three countries, by the way, but also various other Latin lands with Caribbean coasts and/or tropical regions, such as Colombia, Venezuela, Costa Rica, Panama, etc.). Yes, they’re long, curved, and greenish or yellowish, and they do peel back to reveal white flesh inside. But, for those

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New Nordic Cuisine

9008640262?profile=originalI think it’s safe to say that not many of us here in North America are familiar with Nordic cuisine. If you’re up for flying to Copenhagen for the First International Nordic Feed Food Conference August 26 -28th, you’ll have plenty of chances to get acquainted with foods that are unique to Norway, Sweden, Finland, and Denmark.

10 years ago, Nordic countries were virtually invisible on the international dining scene. Lower population levels and remote location may not be the best for publicity and
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9008799468?profile=originalIn 2013 it's hardly news that that dining options in big luxury hotels have for the most part evolved way beyond the good-quality-but-bland fare of yore, with high-profile marquis restaurants showcasing some of the world’s top chefs. But in my experience, few offer a culinary experience so cozy, intimate, and downright romantic as downtown Miami’s Trapiche Room. The fine-dining star of the four eating/drinking venues at the 274-unit, Four-Diamond JW Marriott Hotel on downtown’s premier business

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What's For Dinner at a Zen Retreat?


Accessible only by a 4-wheel drive required 14-mile dirt road 25 miles southeast of Big Sur, CA, Tassajara Zen Mountain Center offers an escape from everyday like no other.

Nestled in a mountain valley deep in the Ventana Wilderness Preserve, this retreat has served as a place for self-discovery and healing since 1967 when Buddhist author Shunryu Suzuki Roshi, of Zen Mind, Beginner's Mind, opened Tassajara, the first Zen training monastery built outside of Japan.

Tassajara currently beckons everyo

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10 Dishes You Must Sample When Visiting Hanoi

Hanoi cuisine is one of the most special local aspects of Vietnam's capital which draws tourists from all over the world. In addition to pho - the most well-known dish, there are lots of others, from fancy to popular, which shouldn’t be missed. All of them help to build up a beloved image of Hanoi capital thousand years of civilization. This article will introduce the most famous dishes of Hanoi and best places for you to enjoy them.

1. Bun Oc (Shellfish Soup and Vermicelli)

Whoever has ever l

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Five decades ago, my Louisiana grandmother traveled to Wynola, minutes from Julian, to find one of her favorite, and rare, treats: pickled pig’s feet.  Now, we can go to Jeremy’s on the Hill for gourmet, farm to table, house made pork sausage, pancetta, and other delectable meals.9008787484?profile=original


Le Cordon Bleu

Cordon Bleu dining is heralded by the crest on the sign at Jeremy's on the Hill (, on Hwy 78 in Wynola, 4 miles north of Julian, California.  Chef Jeremy Manly brings gourmet farm

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How to Travel Costa Rica as a Vegan Easily

I had a pair of friends visit me in Costa Rica not long ago who were vegetarian and vegan. My first reaction was, "Oh, no, what are they going to eat?" I know how much Costa Ricans love their chicken, beef, chicharrones (fried pork), fish, etc.

They said, not to worry. Rice and beans are the nation's main staples, and there is a wealth of fresh vegetables and tropical fruits. It's true!

Vegetarian meal in Costa RicaTraveling in Costa Rica as a vegetarian or vegan, or even needing a gluten-free or dairy-free diet, is relativel

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Vegetarian Diet in Vietnam

If you are a vegetarian and travel to Vietnam, please do not miss to try vegetarian dishes in Vietnam. Before giving you some suggestions for vegetarian restaurants in Hanoi9008781859?profile=original– one of the leading three star hotels in Hanoi Old quarter would like to tell you a short story about vegetarian diet in Vietnam.
In the past, a vegetarian diet was a distinctive requirement of Buddhist monks and Buddhist followers. Since then, a vegetarian diet has been adopted by a great number of people who think that it

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Miami Food Trucks

Thanks to our sunny weather, our mix of many cultures and the availability of large parking lots, Miami has passionately embraced the food truck phenomenon. From single trucks that park next to an office building, to giant cuisine caravans that gather in public parking lots, food trucks are now a permanent part of the Miami landscape.

The menus are as varied as Miami’s local population. Cuban hamburgers, gourmet Vietnamese, fish tacos, dim sum, grilled cheese, gelato – if you’re craving it, you’l

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Thousands of people converged on Regent’s Park in London for an annual summer event which showcases the vibrant food and culture of Britain and other parts of the world. Taste of London offers visitors the unique opportunity to dine from 40 of the capital’s top restaurants, sample and buy from 200 food and drink producers, enjoy wine tasting and watch some of the world’s greatest chefs demonstrate their skills live on stage.


As in previous years Thailand’s section seemed to attract the biggest

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Vegetarian Restaurants in New York

9008775865?profile=originalPlethora of dining options in New York makes the city an interesting destination for those looking to experience the culinary richness of different countries. If you are a vegetarian, you don’t need to face the scarcity of good vegetarian restaurants while holidaying in NYC. Following are some of the best veg-restaurants to dine at, if you’re booking cheap New York Flights:

Chavellas Restaurant

The charming restaurant is located in Brooklyn and known for serving delicious Mexican cuisine.You c

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Hanoi is famous for not only tourist attractions but also famous for good and traditional dishes. Hanoi Imperial Hotel would like to recommend you top 5 good dishes in Hanoi which you should not miss to try when travelling to Hanoi.

  1. Phở (Noodle soup):

The dish was invented in the early 20 century and become one of the most famous foods in Hanoi. Pho or noodle soup is appeared anywhere from street vendors to high end restaurant chain Pho 24. Some is served with chicken and some with beef. Each type

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Cirebon: That Duck Place

Your heart beat faster, a moment of anticipation...even how may times you are told that nothing good will come from indulging from it, yet you still come back for more.

In its cholesterol yummy goodness Bebek Goreng had become my comfort food since I had arrived here in Cirebon. Back home bebek (or duck) is not usually part of a staple diet at least where I came from. It was the one of the first restaurants we were introduced to when we first got here. We went to H. Salamet Bebek Goreng. Everbody

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A big part of our traveling is the food. How often do we find a delicious delicacy and wish we could have it at home?

Bouillabaisse in Nice; Schweinhocken in Munich; Leige waffles in Belgium; or even a gumbo from Lousiana. It may be hard to find that perfect ethnic restaurant in your neighborhood that makes it but you can always try to recreate it yourself.

That’s what we did after our recent trip to Ensenada in Baja California. We had the most perfect dish of chilaquiles con huevos at Restaurant

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Top Chefs Promote Local Cuisine at Cayman Cookout


The Caribbean is filled with fresh from-the-tree & garden ingredients along with daily just-caught fish right off shore. Up until just 5 years ago, many Cayman Island restaurants simply had key ingredients shipped in from elsewhere instead. On the surface, this may seem like lunacy. Why not simply harvest what's in your backyard rather than have it shipped from around the globe? The answer is twofold. First, more obscure island produce couldn't be farmed and sold profitably. As a result, island

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Here's my dilemma: I often write about food. I'm supposed to be (and occasionally am) discerning beyond the pale of ordinary mortals — you know, the kind who relish fast food and chain restaurants. I also majored in Chinese. I'm supposed to know the top Zhongguo joints in a 10-mile radius, no matter where I am. Then why, I do wonder, am I so fascinated with Pei Wei, the casual cousin of P.F. Chang's, two chains spreading the length and breadth of our land like crazed straw mushrooms?

Flavor, I

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Can the Cuisine of Peru Change the World?


Remember the proverb about giving a man a fish versus teaching a man to fish? That ancient bit of wisdom was well at work in an inspiring documentary I saw recently about three of my favorite topics: Peru, food, and Peruvian food. I even got to meet its stars, both world famous chefs, and in the process was pleasantly surprised to learn something new about how a little creativity and imaginative thinking outside the proverbial box (another example would be micro-lending) can have implications f

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A Sushi Class in Upstate New York


The “How to Make Sushi Class” at the Mohegan Manor in Baldwinsville, New York is the perfect gift for the hard-to-get-for person. Mohegan Manor is located in a historic building built in 1911 as the Oddfellows Mohegan Lodge. The lounge was the original post office for Baldwinsville. It was beautifully restored by Dennis Sick and has been the home of Mohegan Manor since 1989. Mohegan Manor has a restaurant, bar, and event facilities plus a Sushi Club with a dedicated sushi chef.  The club is loc

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by Andy Jarosz

If ever a movie has perfected the ability of making its audience hungry it’s surely this Mexican classic. Released as Como Agua para Chocolate (Like Water for Chocolate) in 1992 and based on the 1989 novel of the same name by Laura Esquivel , the story is set in the 1910s in revolutionary Mexico. It features sweeping landscapes, smoldering passions (literally) and the most bitter family politics, yet the central theme of traditional Mexican cooking and its power to evoke the wil

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