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New Cabo Hotel Featuring Top Baja Mediterranean

If you are planning a much needed fun-in-the-sun getaway this winter, you’re in for a treat! Solmar Hotels & Resorts is celebrating its newest luxury property’s grand opening in Los Cabos Mexico at Land’s End. In case you need a geography refresher, Land’s End is on the tip of the Baja Peninsula which juts right into the Sea of Cortes and Pacific Ocean just offshore Los Cabos, a thriving and well developed port of call for cruise ships and yacht excursions from around the world.

It is here on thi

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US Virgin Islands: Paradise Awaits You!

– St Thomas/St John Trip to Paradise.

Spirit left late by 40 minutes from Ft Lauderdale as they were waiting for a flight connection to arrive so people weren’t stranded. What a nice thing to do for an airline. Normally they just don’t care. Arrival into St Thomas, pretty uneventful. A 22 year old tried to smoke a cigarette on the tarmac! To funny, although not so funny to security. They were like – what are you crazy dude this place could explode.

Arrival to Marriott Frenchman’s Reef. It was a pl

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Pierre's is quite possibly one of the most romantic places to dine in South Florida and a relatively short drive from Miami, well worth the "escape" from urban life. The restaurant and lounge is located on a private beach with gorgeous sunsets over tranquil Florida Bay.






Bon appetit!
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Meet Bangkok-Based Chef Hans Peter Kaserer

Hailing from the small village of picturesque Krimml, Austria, where he learned to appreciate culinary arts at his family’s hotel, Executive Chef at the Amari Watergate Bangkok, Hans Peter Kaserer has come a long way since his childhood.

A veritable globe trotter in his own right, Chef Kaserer has worked in kitchens all around the world – including the United States, Canada, Singapore, Indonesia, and Malaysia. With Bangkok as his base of operations for the last 15 years, Chef Kaserer has develope

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Making Biber in Switzerland's Appenzell

We spent the first 2.5 days here in Switzerland exploring Appenzellerland close to the country's eastern border with Germany. The efficient and comfy train whisked us to Weissbad, a village surrounded by steep green pastures rising in every direction with majestic mountain ranges in the distance. Appenzell, the next town over, was filled with one-of-a-kind local craftspeople and artisan foods made uninterrupted for generations. Small shops, usually the sole province of fairy tales, are still ali
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Thailand Food Tour: Blissed Out In Bangkok

by Barbara Ramsay Orr

For someone with a healthy appetite like me, the lure of Thailand and Thai food is irresistible. I love the temples, the generous and polite people, the golden Buddhas, and all of the colour and drama of Bangkok. But I am an unapologetic foodie, and the moments of culinary bliss that I have experienced in Bangkok figure prominently in my memories of this city, right up there with the saffron-clad monks and the jewelled temples.

Bangkok is a big city, and it can be intimida

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Travel Recipes We Found and Loved

image credits: Wendie Hansen

Travel Recipes We Found and Love

Travel is about food!
Sure, it’s about shopping and seeing the sights, but there's no better way to get to know a culture and its people than by sharing their food with them. Not cuisine, food!

We mean the fabled falafel stands and savory street food in North Africa, the small tavernas of Italy and Greece.
Maybe the Fish and Chips stands in the UK and certainly the mole sauces in Mexico.

In Canada’s Prince Edward Island we fell in lo
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Maria the Diva in Ecuador

On their quest to find out more about the birds of Ecuador, Adios Adventure Travel arranged for the Virginia BeachFriends School 4th & 5th grade girls get up at 4 am to arrive atthe La Paz reserve, near Mindo, Ecuador, just to see the famous Andean Cock of the Rock. After glimpsing thecolorfully red bird, they continued their march through the jungle wherethey saw an even more rare bird, thegiant antpitta. These birds are rarely seen and our girls saw“Maria” who was coaxed out of the forest by a
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Coveting the Cuisine of Chile

12378082097?profile=RESIZE_930xPablo Rogat

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Getting the Inside Scoop on Foodie Milwaukee



How do you find out about all the hidden neighborhoods and history of a city? Three of us writers had a short time in the city of Milwaukee and wanted to savor as much as we could of the ethnic neighborhoods, architecture, and history.  We contacted Theresa Nemetz of Milwaukee Food and City Tours, who offered us a flavor of what one of their many tours showcased of the city.


Since our time was so limited, she suggested a brief tour of Brady Street, one of the oldest neighborhoods, original

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