Evenings in Dubai


Shopping in evening

This shopping visit will take you to local people shopping spots of Dubai’s customary markets and souks situated in the core of the city. You should have an incredible shopping knowledge where you can purchase trinkets, originator and much more.


Enjoy the desert in evening

Spend an evening in the leave of Dubai on an exciting safari. You will find the opportunity to attempt some hill bashing in a Toyota Land cruiser, go on a camel ride, appreciate live diversion, and devour a gr

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The exact origins of capoeira are uncertain, although most people recognize that it was created by the 16th-century African slaves who were shipped across the Atlantic. The movements contain unmistakable native Brazilian influences. What noone can deny is that capoeira has been around for almost 500 years and is now as powerful a cultural symbol of Brazil as it ever has been.

Capoeira – The Early Years

Practicing a form that's part dance, part martial art, a capoeira fighter is distinguished

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Few cultural forms are more associated with the Dominican Republic than merengue music and the brisk, shuffling, hip-wagging dance that goes with it (no one’s exactly sure where the name comes from – sweet, frothy beaten egg whites or the “mareng” or “méringue” music of neighboring Haiti).  Going back more than 150 years, like tango in Argentina it once scandalized the prim and proper because of its ribald lyrics and sexy moves. Well, that’s sure as heck a thing of the past – seems like every

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One of the great things about living in Miami is its unrivalled mix of Latin cultures, and Brazilians play a big part in that. One thing that especially stands out is that it seems that whenever I go out in South Beach, I come across a group of ridiculously fit young guys (sometimes sprinkled with girls) practicing capoeira, a hypnotically sinuous series of moves resembling a cross between modern dance and martial arts, accompanied by throbbing drums, strings, and haunting songs, sometimes in

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Goa, Paradise on Earth



People who live a hectic life find themselves taking a break and enjoying every bit of their tours to Goa, India. Fun and entertainment quotients are high in Goa and its cool and festive like environment makes it a refreshing holidaying destination. Learn how entertainment becomes an inseparable part of a Goa package tour.

Partying at Beaches
Goa Beaches are quite different from those found in other parts of the country. The
difference lies in the way people love to party at Goa beaches. Arjuna Be

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The Tango Buenos Aires Festival 2010

By Roy Heale

Despite the chilly winter weather at this time of year nothing can dampen their spirit as thousands of dance enthusiasts converge on Buenos Aires for the annual Tango Festival. Recognized as the Tango birthplace, Buenos Aires offers a year-round Tango extravaganza but every year the last two weeks of August provide an in-depth experience of this Argentine cultural and historical identity. This is the global Mecca for dancers who enjoy watching or performing milonga and tango plus the

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Go to Dance

When we’re at home reading the headlines, watching the news, we can so easily reduce people of other cultures and countries to their problems.

I was reminded of this when listening to a recent broadcast of Tapestry on CBC Radio (their podcasts are free). I was also reminded of an objection I received to a post I wrote in which I suggested that Cuba has a unique sense of luxury. This is a bit of a response.

We are always more than the sum of our problems.
Tariq Ramadan was the guest being intervie

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