Buenos Aires (2)

by David Paul Appell

Mansion Dandi Royal hotel, San Telmo, Buenos Aires, ArgentinaThe renaissance of BA’s most iconic world export is still in full swing, and throughout Argentina‘s elegant capital you can experience tango in infinite ways: from milongas (dance halls) and dance academies to museums and tours, from traditional to jazz-and-electronica-infused and same-sex gay (in a sense bringing tango back to its roots, when it was common for dudes to dance together). Whether you’re fascinated with the form or are simply in the market for elegant yet moder

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San Telmo, Buenos Aires' Historic Heart

by Asli Pelit

The oldest neighborhood in Argentina‘s capital, San Telmo is a barrio founded in the 16th century, where history – romantic cobblestone streets, colonial buildings, cafés, churches, and its tango culture — happily coexists with today’s fashionista edge and Montmartre-like buzz. It became a bastion of the upper class in the 1800s, declined after the cholera epidemic of 1871, and has been reviving since the country’s economic crisis in 2002, luring (mostly European) investors and b

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