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According to riding holiday specialist, Ranch Rider, whether it’s enhancing our creativity or taking our first steps towards a healthier lifestyle, in 2019 travellers will place a much greater emphasis on “the self” and life-enrichment.

Ruth Daly, Marketing Director at Ranch Rider comments, “No longer a simple means of escape, we now see the potential for holidays to make a very real and lasting difference to the way we lead our lives, so our existence can be more fruitful and fulfilling.”

Of cour

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Canada is a country where you’ll find nature at its finest, from Barkley Sound in BC - every day out on the water said to be comparable to an episode of National Geographic - to the towering Cypress Hills, where the skies of Saskatchewan come to life.


Spend ten days exploring Alberta, from the world-famous Calgary Stampede to its equally lauded national parks: Banff an outdoorsman’s paradise and Lake Louise and Moraine Lake two of the most photographed locations in the world.


In a compelling journ

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Keeping a Healthy Lifestyle on the Big Island

With a culture and an environment that promotes wellness, oneness with nature, harmony, and love of community, Big Island, Hawaii is the best place for pursuing a healthy lifestyle.

Here, residents can find a lot of opportunities to grow and nourish their mind and body.Together with their family and friends, they can take on different recreational activities that abound in any of its neighborhoods, and some of them are as follows:

Golf, spa, and watersports in Hualalai. The best golf, spa, and wat

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The City of Tokyo, which already had more Michelin Stars than any other city in the world, was awarded top honors in 2017, not just for its food, but for overall livability and once-in-a-lifetime experiences!


Tokyo at night, featuring Tokyo Tower

Japan's capital city begins 2018 on a high note.  Tokyo, which will host the Olympic and Paralympic games in 2020, was  awarded “Number 1” on so many levels in 2017 by prestigious international media. 

In its December 2017 issue, AFAR Magazine selected Tok

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5 Steps to Living the Traveling Life

When I was young, I dreamed of getting out of my small town, my dysfunctional family, and cold New England winters to places where palm trees rustled in the wind.

©2014 Karla Jacobs. Leaving Bora Bora bound for Raiatea

Once I entered the job market my dreams didn't fade a bit, but money was always a problem. The kinds of vacations I yearned for were far beyond my reach.

Not only would they cost many thousands of dollars, but the way I envisioned them, they would also take time. Not just the two we

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The Fishermen of Halong Bay, Vietnam

“We live in a wonderful world that is full of beauty, charm and adventure. There is no end to the adventures we can have if only we seek them with our eyes open.” – Jawaharial Nehru
Mesmerizing panoramas of limestone karsts often covered with lush green vegetation. Adding to this backdrop was the ever present fishermen who live on these waters. We were never completely alone.
The put-put of their engines was the first indicator.
A single boat with Quonset hut and colorful flags passed by our junk o
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COACH-05-300x224.jpg?width=300Any Olympic athlete or professional athlete, or high school or
university athlete, or even a child on a sports team for that matter, has a coach. Actors have coaches. Singers and dancers have coaches or trainers. Over the past decades, executives and businesspersons have joined the ranks of seeking coaching for success.

In today’s modern world, there is Business Coaching, Financial Coaching, Executive Coaching, Career Coaching, Expat & Global Coaching for those living and working in another cultur

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Sa Sung in Halong

There are many special foods in Ha Long Bay . Almost people will talk about Sa Sung firstly when talk about special food here.
 Sa sung (Vietnamese: Sá sùng) is a kind of sea worn. It is found in some sea areas in Vietnam such as: Quang Ninh, Hai Phong, Con Dao… Its environment is sand. It lives on deep hole under sand. Length of Sa Sung is about 10 – 15cm with blow red. It looks like earth worm but it is bigger. In its bowler is full of sands. Early morning is the best time for local people to c
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How Social Travel has defined my life

I was born in Belfast Northern Ireland, but my earliest memories as a child are from a lake cabin in Minnesota. When I was younger, my father insisted that my family take a month long vacation every year. When we were living in Ireland, this meant a trip to see our family in Minnesota. When we moved to Louisiana, it meant we would pack up our family Ford Econoline van with suitcases, and drive across the country. Looking back on my childhood, most of my family stories came not from my home, but
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Hello to everybody!!

I've just published my Google+ profile as Alessandro as well as Google+page for my business. I was surfing on it when I found an interesting story which has drawn my curiosity and I'd like to ask you these questions:

we're leaving tough times everywhere all over  the world; many people all around us are a little bit scared when something happens to change or to make their oridinary life a little bit different or complicated.

What do you think of leaving everything behind and fo

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Tour Packages and places to visit in india

People formal over the world come to India to enjoy the diversified beauty of this land. There are numerous places to visit in india of tourist attractions in India. The India Tour Package can give you everything from lofty mountains, the low lying plains, water bodies, wild life sanctuaries etc

The tours to North Indian leave its travelers awestruck as the shimmering lakes, evergreen forests, sparkling streams and grassy slopesjust offer beautiful view. Kashmir which lies in North India ispopula

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Goa Organizing Events to Lure More Tourism

Goa tourism is organizing different kind of events to motivate tourists to visit Goa India. Goa beaches are one of the major Goa attractions and face huge tourists influx during every season. Starting form Keri beach located at northern end of Goa to Palolim beach of south end, Every Goa beaches will give you immaculate and distinct sense of joy and contentment.

Goa is a fascinating Indian city that is loved by tourists because of the many attractions that can be found here. Goa Holidays India is

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Tree of Life Pomegranate Wine

Summer always inspires me to pack a picnic basket which actually turns out to be a big heavy ugly cooler and either head to a wide open meadow under a towering shade tree or to the breezy salt kissed beach. Barefootin’ it with your shorts and tank top, you want something as fun and fancy free as the flip flops you just carelessly kicked off.

Instead of the Pinot, why not try packing Tree of Life Pomegranate Wine. Brought to you by Aiko Importers, this wine hails from Armenia, one of the most anci

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by Samuel Cook


This past week, I took the opportunity to take my first real vacation since the summer of 2007. It is ironic that an executive of a travel company never gets to travel himself, but such is the reality of running a business - I have had to put my passion for traveling on the back burner as I have built a business around serving the needs of other travelers. My last vacation was a whirlwind trip around the United States to visit friends and family before I deployed on my secon
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