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Kanchenjunga Trek Nepal - 22 Days

Trekking to the Top of the World: Exploring Kanchenjunga in Nepal

Nepal, a land blessed with the world's most magnificent peaks, is a sanctuary for adventurers and nature enthusiasts alike. Among its illustrious treasures stands Kanchenjunga, the third highest mountain on the planet, beckoning those with a spirit of exploration and a love for the great outdoors. Join me on a virtual journey as we delve into the breathtaking Kanchenjunga trek in Nepal.

The Magnificence of Kanchenjunga:

Nestled in th

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The first-timer guide for Prashar lake trek


Located in the picturesque hills of Himachal Pradesh, The Prashar lake trek truly is a hidden gem that calls out all adventurous and lover nature. This trek is not only a pilgrimage of the body but also a journey through mind and eye to drive away fatigued human life in streets, releasing their sigh there.

Getting There:

The trip to Prashar Lake would start from the town of Mandi, which might be considered as a welcoming door leading one into enchanting Himachal. From Mandi there is a

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Embark on a remarkable journey to the Everest Advanced Base Camp, an adventure that takes you through the heart of the Himalayas and closer to the world's highest peak, Mount Everest. This trek is not just a physical challenge but also an opportunity to immerse yourself in breathtaking landscapes and vibrant Sherpa culture. In this comprehensive guide, we'll explore what makes the Everest Advanced Base Camp Trek a must-do for every adventure enthusiast.

Understanding the Trek:

The Everest Advanced

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The Kedarkantha journey, settled in the lap of the glorious Himalayas, is a famous decision among travelers looking for experience and regular excellence.  In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into the Kedarkantha trek's difficulty, exploring the route, the seasonal variations, and the immense satisfaction it offers to trekkers.


One of the primary challenges of the Kedarkantha trek is the altitude gain. Travelers start at around 6,000 feet and climb to 12,500 feet with

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Every mountain and adventure lover must have a dream to reach Everest Base Camp and see the world’s highest mountain from a close distance at least once in their life. More than 40000 adventure trekkers walk each year in this mountain destination. Besides trekkers, a few hundred climbers climb this tallest mountain every year, and luxury travelers are traveling to the Everest Base Camp and Kala Patthar.

There are different trekking trails in the Everest Region that take you to the Everest Base Ca

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Trekking Routes in Everest Himalayas

The Everest Himalaya is one of the most famous mountain destinations for adventure travelers and mountain lovers. Thousands of adventure trekkers explore this magnificent mountain region each year. You can walk on different trekking trails in the Everest Region according to your time and physical level.

If you have a long holiday and love adventure trekking packages in the Khumbu Region, the Everest Three High Passes, Cho La Pass, and Renjo La Pass treks are the best for you. The Everest Base Cam

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How to Reach Everest Base Camp from Kathmandu

Everest Base Camp is one of the most famous travel destinations in Nepal and around the world. There are two different base camps on Mt. Everest, known as the north base camp and the south base camp. The north is in Tibet (China), and the south is located in Nepal’s Khumbu Region. In this post, we talk about how to reach Everest Base Camp from Kathmandu.

The most popular way to reach Everest Base Camp from Kathmandu is through a trekking trip. There are several trekking packages that bring you to

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Everest Base Camp Trek Itinerary

Everest Base Camp Trek is a 12-day adventure mountain trip in Nepal, which is one of the best destinations to travel for adventure and mountain lovers. The trek offers pristine mountain views including the world’s highest mountain Everest and its surrounding peaks. The Everest region is home to the mountain legend Sherpa People, so you will also have an opportunity of meeting these people, experience their culture, religion, and lifestyle, and get their warm hospitality during trekking to the Ev

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Everest Base Camp Trek in April

Land of Himalayas and the valley of wonders. Nepal has always offered the most adventurous walks on the planet. The glaciers are sometimes invisible. The holy lakes, the isolated trails, and the unique culture on the earth exist here. It's people's first wish to walk base camp.

Trekking to Everest Base Camp during April is considered the best time during the Spring season in Ne. EBC trek starts with the most thrilling flight to Lukla airport. This states is a straightforward overview that one's t

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Ghorepani Poon Hill Trek

Ghorepani Poon hill trek is a genuine short and easy hiking trip in Nepal. This five-day walking tour makes a little circuit through Ghandruk village. Ghorepani Poon hill trip is also prominent as the Ghorepani Ghandruk circuit, Poon hill, and minicircle trekking of lower Annapurna.

A ten-day Ghorepani Poon hill trip itinerary includes a full-day Kathmandu heritage tour and a five days walk in the Annapurna territory. First-time trekkers, family, elderly, and school students may easily succeed on

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Popular Restricted Area Treks in Nepal

There are several trekking destinations in Nepal, which are restricted regions, that need special trekking permits. Among them, the Manaslu Circuit and Upper Mustang are the most popular regions in Nepal, which trails have thousands of trekkers each year. Check general information on these two regions below:

Manaslu Circuit Trek 


Manaslu Circuit Trek is an adventure right to the heart of a Manaslu Region known for its varieties of flora and fauna, authentic cultures, dramatic mountain passes, ragi

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Highlights of Everest Region

The Everest Region, also known as the Khumbu Region, is one of the most renowned and popular trekking destinations in Nepal and the world. It is famous for its stunning landscapes, rich Sherpa culture, and, of course, the majestic Mount Everest. Here are some of the highlights of the Everest Region:

Mount Everest (Sagarmatha): The region is home to Mount Everest, the tallest mountain in the world, standing at 8,848 meters (29,029 feet). The trek to Everest Base Camp offers breathtaking views of t

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Everest Base Camp

Mount Everest Base Camp is a popular trekking destination located in the Himalayas, specifically in the Khumbu region of Nepal. It serves as the starting point for climbers attempting to reach the summit of Mount Everest, the world's highest peak. The Base Camp itself is not the summit of Everest; it is a temporary settlement where climbers and trekkers acclimatize to the high altitude before proceeding further up the mountain.

Everest Base Camp is situated at an altitude of approximately 5,364 m

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It's great to see and explore the stunning views of Mount Everest from various vantage points in Nepal. The viewpoints are indeed some of the best places to catch breathtaking glimpses of the world's highest mountain. Here's a bit more information about each of these viewpoints:

  1. Hotel Everest View: As the name suggests, this hotel is renowned for its incredible panoramic view of Mount Everest. Situated in Namche Bazaar, it provides a luxurious and comfortable setting to enjoy the majestic Himalay
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Best Place to See Everest

There are numerous hill stations in Nepal that offer stunning views of Mt. Everest. If you are traveling to Nepal and are interested in seeing the world’s highest mountain from a vantage point, you can visit one of the viewpoints listed in this post. So, let’s talk about those viewpoints now, which are the best places to see Mount Everest:

Hotel Everest View

Hotel Everest View at Syangboche Hill is a famous hotel located in the Sagarmatha National Park in Nepal. It is renowned for its stunning pan

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The journey to Everest Base Camp is indeed a remarkable and unparalleled experience for mountain and adventure enthusiasts. The trek offers a unique blend of natural beauty, cultural exploration, and personal challenge that leaves a lasting impact on anyone who embarks on it.

The trek to Everest Base Camp takes you through picturesque landscapes, including lush forests, picturesque Sherpa villages, and challenging terrain. As you ascend higher, you'll witness the gradual transformation of the env

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Portugal's answer to Spain's Canary Islands, the Azores are a nine-island grouping  1,529 kilometres (950 miles) out in the Atlantic Ocean west of the Iberian Peninsula. The largest (759km²/293 square mi.) and most populous of the archipelago, São Miguel, is home to capital Ponta Delgada, but also a spectacular volcanic but verdant landscape including towering cliffs and ancient laurisilva forests that make a truly splendid playground for nature and adventure lovers.

iStock-1207075569-640x427.jpg?profile=RESIZE_930xEnrico Pescantini


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This week's highlight was an exhilarating hike to Mount Longonot, an iconic crater mountain nestled in Kenya's Great Rift Valley. Our adventure commenced from Nairobi on a chilly Tuesday morning. As we drove past the picturesque Rift Valley Escarpment, excitement filled the air. By 8:00 AM, we reached the foot of Mt. Longonot, ready to conquer its magnificent heights.

The Hike

Mt Longonot Basics

Total Distance: 6.2km up and back, 13.5km including rim hike ( My App recorded 15 Kms)


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Hotel Everest View at Syangboche Hill

Hotel Everest View, located in the Sagarmatha National Park of Nepal, is known for its breathtaking views of the Himalayan mountains, including the mighty Mount Everest. Situated at an altitude of 3,880 meters (12,726 feet), the hotel offers panoramic vistas of several Himalayan peaks.

From the hotel's vantage point, you can enjoy stunning views of Mount Everest (8,848 meters/29,029 feet), the world's highest peak. On clear days, the snow-capped summit of Everest stands tall and majestic, creatin

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