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YHA Kenya Travel 8 Days Nairobi/ Masai Mara/ Lake Nakuru And Amboseli Budget Safari.

Day 1  Arrival- Nairobi.

Pick up from Airport on arrival transfer you to your hotel in Nairobi for overnight stay.

Day 2:  Nairobi Day Trip Sightseeing Tours Activity.

After an early morning breakfast a pick up from your hotel at 06:30 am, the tour begins with a visit to the Nairobi National park through the main gate for a 3-hour game drive. Your guide will be aiming to show you as much variety of animals as possib

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Data Darwinism: Of Survival and Reviews


Reviews do matter, but what seems to matter more is who writes them, and the question, can they be predicted?
And it seems Airbnb is saying, "yes."

Booking an Airbnb place anywhere can be a 50-50 proposition, but it's the very unpredictability and rich individuality of each place that makes the stays (and the site) so undeniably attractive. 

In a delightful comment, GigaOm, a data science and social web site, says reviews do indeed matter more and more because we are in an age of "Data Darwini

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New "exClone" brings AI to the Travel Industry


The birth of a new "exClone" unveils another world of potential for tech in travel. Phil Voyager, a project I've been working with these past months, it's artificial intelligence conceived of for cloning travel expertise. 

A Primer On Semantic Technologies

Years ago I was introduced to technologies that would eventually alter the very communicative fabric of humankind. About a decade ago, technology writers like me were sent countless press releases about the most fabulous, and the most ridiculous

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Tasting Wines of Morocco

9008812255?profile=originalMorocco may not be the first country that comes to mind when contemplating the world's greatest wine regions. But despite its large Islamic population, Morocco has historically been a prolific wine producing country. As far back as 2,500 years ago, this part of North Africa completed an arc of wine growing regions spanning the Mediterranean weaving through Italy, Greece, Turkey.

Truth be told, Morocco saved France's ass during the late 19th century phylloxera devastation. French growers immigrate

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New Innkeepers Use Social Media To Attract New Guests

In the highly individualistic culture of the Bed and Breakfast business, Tim and Amy Brady are fast becoming the "go to" couple for B and B owners and operators eager to gain access to the powers of social media marketing, and improving the guest experiences in the process.

The 30 something, very cool  couple are decidedly not what one thinks of when one th

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Six-Star Hotels? Don't Believe It

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So far no international classification for hotels exists,but that hasn’t stopped ambitious hotel marketers from slapping any number of stars, diamonds, cacti on their properties and touting them as 5 or 6 or even 7 star properties,whatever that may mean in real service and amenities.


I think the ratings inflation trend began with the Xanadu-  frenzy in Dubai, especially with the luxury hotel, Burj Al Arab (Tower of the Arabs), built on an artificial island and billed as a 7-Star s

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If a review in TripAdvisor (TA) or any other rating site is bad, then probably the experience was bad.

With simple logic, says the aim of the hotel or airline or resort should not be to stop negative reviews, but “ to stop negative experiences in the first place. Cure the cause not the symptom.”

But the authoritative travel blog, Gadling reported that TA’s reviews are rubbing enough hoteliers the wrong way, that several hundred of them have joined forces to purs
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We hope so.

When New Media Travel spoke to the owners of 40 Putney Road, a Brattelboro, Vermont,  B&B,  we were curious about  how this new brand of innkeepers was using social media to build a loyal client base.
Inn owner Tim Brady said something very interesting.

In a discussion about TripAdvisor and its huge influence on hotels, inns and B& B’s, Brady said that he’d rather have his guests tell him, directly, what they liked or didn’t like about staying at his place.

He made a lot of sense. A

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TripAdvisor Plot Thickens: Second Charges Filed

The review giant seems reeling these days with legal and PR woes from all directions.

In the latest plot development, reports that a more serious complaint against TripAdvisor  has been lodged with the Advertising Standards Authority,  the UK organization charged with regulating advertising across all media.

The second probe, instigated by reputation management gadfly, Kwikchex  is now asking that all third parties using TripAdviso

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Death by Too Many Reviews

Death by Too Many  Reviews

Chris Colin writes a great essay in Wired Magazine.

He’s probably best known for the terrific and funny, What Really Happened to the Class of ’93.

But in his recent Wired Magazine piece, he suggests we are suffering from “review” overload.

For every slew of new data and information that’s produced, he says, (think videos, blogs, ebooks, tweets, Facebook postings) there is an equal avalanche of reviews that follow.

He talks about a “parallel universe” of stars, rankings,
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“B&B  Kick Gas”  Campaign Drives More Visitors to B&Bs

After paying $4.45 a gallon for gas in Connecticut, the idea of  $6/gallon prices before the end of the summer seems more probable than possible, not withstanding recent subtle trends downward.

And this, according to Marti Mayne, B&B marketing guru, is making travelers very anxious about their summer vacation plans.

Mayne is the coordinator for the Better Way To Stay  campaign, sponsored by the Professional Association of Innkeepers Internation

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Social Media More Influential Than Travel Professionals

It’s not exactly a big surprise, but ReadWriteWeb a popular technology blog, “officially” reported that social media was gaining serious ground in the race with travel experts as an “influencer” in the traveler’s planning process and decisions.

The article gained credibility when it was Retweeted by the big public relations news service, PR Newshound.

The perception that “peer recommendations have overtaken the knowledge of tra
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Out Guessing The Hotel Guests

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Out Guessing The Hotel Guests

It's one of the great ironies of social networking that companies, in this case hotels, hire top marketing research firms and pay them big bucks to determine customer needs and levels of satisfaction.

Instead, the hotels should really spend more time reading the comments posted to their sites or blogs and get no-cost, real-world, real-time insights from the groundswell, the community.

In this case, AOL Travel reports that guest satisfaction with hotels w

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