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How many of us reach adulthood only to discover that we still don't know what we want to be when we grow up? That's definitely me. I've changed jobs and moved more times than most people would care to count. I guess I've been a bit of a restless spirit as I've looked for the place and career that fit right.... I am happy to announce that I've finally found it! When I grow up I want to be an Innkeeper... (NOTE: just because I'm now and innkeeper, doesn't mean I'm ready to grow up... I think I'll

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New Innkeepers Use Social Media To Attract New Guests

In the highly individualistic culture of the Bed and Breakfast business, Tim and Amy Brady are fast becoming the "go to" couple for B and B owners and operators eager to gain access to the powers of social media marketing, and improving the guest experiences in the process.

The 30 something, very cool  couple are decidedly not what one thinks of when one th

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Innkeepers Meet the Social Web: Will They Ever Be The Same

Brian and Leslie Mulcahy work very hard for their accolades and consistently outstanding reviews by always being there for their guests.
"It’s not easy,” say the innkeepers of the quintessential New England inn, Rabbit Hill Inn, in the Currier and Ives town of Lower Waterford, Vermont.
But Leslie is reading Groundswell ("winning in a world transformed by social technologies,"), which sounds the clarion call for a social tools-based mind se
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