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Things to Know About Hotel Rooms in Europe


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A Few Things to Know about Hotel Rooms in Europe


I learned about the basic American hotel room from Howard Johnson in the 1960’s.  Two double beds with back boards bolted to the wall, two fake oil paintings above said backboards, a stand in between the beds with a lamp and phone, a standard bathroom, and a TV.   The last time I checked, little has changed. When you book a room in the USA you know exactly what you are getting.

This is not the case overseas. Europe has a 1-5 star

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Hotel Elan, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

By Roy Heale

In the heart of downtown Calgary the trendy, residential community known as the Beltline is close to the business center of the city plus the hip restaurants, clubs, and boutiques of the 17th Avenue Entertainment District. For this reason a number of boutique hotels have recently located themselves in this area providing accommodation options for business and leisure visitors to Calgary. Perhaps the newest addition is the Hotel E

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J K - jk sign from inside...

In the heart of Piazza Santa Maria Novella

Rarely does a hotel inspire one to visit any urban mecca. However, I have to admit that the reason for my stopover in this Renaissance city was for the rare opportunity to experience Florence’s Renaissance hotel, J.K. Place.

J.K. Place is no ordinary hotel. Rather, it is a new and exciting space recently incorporated into a hotel. The exquisitely intimate property, smack dab in Piazza Santa Maria Novella, had come well recommended. I had to see for mysel

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Norway's Sorrisniva Igloo Hotel


It’s not uncommon to visit a hotel that wasn’t here last year. It’s less common, though, to visit a hotel that wasn’t here last year … and won’t be here next year. That’s how it is with Scandinavia’s ‘ice hotels’; they’re actually dug out of a snow bank at the beginning of winter, and are gone with the first thaws of spring. And, usually, they’re completely rebuilt the following winter.

The concept isn’t new, of course. For generations, the Inuit of North America have been building their igloos f

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“Viva Venezia” – The Grand Canal with Dorsoduro and the Santa Maria Della Cathedral

Can a hotel inspire one to travel? In most cases, no. But the Sina Centurion Palace is that unique hotel experience that we all long for… a hotel stay that can change your entire perspective on a city or an area. 


The 19th Century Façade – The building is not old in comparison to Venice architecture.

I recently took a trip to Venice, that city of stunning architecture, long narrow canals, bridges, gondolas, the Car

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Millennials Changing the Face of Hotel Design


It wasn’t so long ago that all hotels pretty much looked alike.

Just another pretty face, or not so pretty.

There were some differences in the design of a luxury lobby and bar, versus, say  the lobby and bar of a moderate-priced hotel chain. No one would confuse a Four Seasons with a Best Western.

But basically, the design standard and principles of hotel brands were fixed by Corporate with little flexibility and certainly no impulse to take many design chances.

Apparently the powerful prese

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It's a strange contradiction. We're told visuals drive bookings, traveler interest.

We hear that travelers looking to book will be compelled to do so by rich images that tell the kind of story we want to buy into.

But the visuals we typically see are sterile and empty.

VFM Leonardo, a leader in online visual story telling, reports on the top ten visuals shoppers want to see on a website before they actually book a hotel room or a destination.

The smart money tells us that travelers don't b

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9008799468?profile=originalIn 2013 it's hardly news that that dining options in big luxury hotels have for the most part evolved way beyond the good-quality-but-bland fare of yore, with high-profile marquis restaurants showcasing some of the world’s top chefs. But in my experience, few offer a culinary experience so cozy, intimate, and downright romantic as downtown Miami’s Trapiche Room. The fine-dining star of the four eating/drinking venues at the 274-unit, Four-Diamond JW Marriott Hotel on downtown’s premier business

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Buenos Aires, Argentina


By Roy Heale

In a surprise move during the first week of October the Spanish Axel Hotel Group announced the sale of its Buenos Aires property to a group of Argentine investors and henceforth it will be known as the BeHotel. The former owners did not give any reasons for this unexpected move but local travel industry speculators blamed the decrease in LGBT visitors to Argentina during recent years and the national government's foreign exchange controls. However, the new owne

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Is Google’s New Hotel Finder a Game Changer?

I don’t know if Google’s recently-launched  Hotel Finder  is actually a game changer, or, as Google itself said,  “an experiment in finding the perfect hotel.”

But it’s fun to play with.

Eric Leist,  an emerging technologies specialist says  that it’s always interesting to see information we scroll  through linearly, suddenly presented  in a new, visually interesting and user-friendly layout.” 

Google's Hotel Finder does just that: Takes hotel search re

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Bangalore Hotels Booking

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Miami’s South Beach is the quintessential “party capital of America.” But what if your goals run more toward sun-drenched beaches and culture? On a recent sojourn to SoBe, I had the opportunity to stay in the elegant and refined “colonial grand dame” of Ocean Drive, the Betsy Hotel. In the crowded South Beach hotel space, the Betsy stands out like no other. Sure the Delano, National, Shore Club and more attract a vast amount of attention, but it is the boutique Betsy, that is my rationale for a

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You’re an intrepid traveler who's ventured well beyond Rome exploring many acclaimed destinations like Tuscany, Venice, and the Amalfi Coast. You’ve traveled the boot's length of Italy all the way into the heel. Welcome to Puglia, a region renowned for its pizzica folk dancing, historic ruins, year-round fresh produce, and loads of artisan food producers.

Olive trees seemingly as prolific as blades of grass form centuries-old groves producing nearly half of Italy’s olive oil supply. Blessed with

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After school wrapped up in June, my family (me, my wife Sue, our 15 year-old son Eddie, and our 11-year-old daughter Lee) began scouting locations for our summer vacation.


We established three key criteria to follow in the choosing of our destination.  It needed to...


1.  Offer easy access to a combination of fun as well as relaxing activities.

2.  Be a top-rated, well-established resort facility in a beautiful location.

3.  Be situated within a three-hour drive of our northern New Jersey abode.



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Are you planning to go to Ranthambore National Park? The very first thing which you have to take into consideration is to book a resort or a hotel for yourself. Ranthambore National Park is strategically located in the Sawai Madhopur district of Rajasthan, and is well known for Indian tigers. The best way to take a closer look at Indian tiger is to go for an elephant safari ride. You can also opt for a jeep safari. But all of this adventure activity comes later. Once you have reached your destin
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Buying Great Fake Reviews on Trip Advisor

If power corrupts then as they say absolute power corrupts absolutely.

TripAdvisor, with it's 45 million reviews of some 500,000 destinations is the undisputed leader in shaping people's perceptions of what hotel they should stay in and where.

Good or bad reviews on the giant site can profoundly affect a hotel's bottom line.

So it comes as no real surprise that some hotels are bribing their guests with offers of free rooms, upgrades, and discounts if they po
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Two-storey accommodation for travellers to Glacier National Park is soon to be available at the Historic Tamarack Lodge and Cabins.

Located on the edge of the Flathead National Forest, with easy access to the West Entrance of Glacier National Park, our seven new Mountain Lake Cabins provide cozy accommodation for up to four guests and are scheduled to open in May 2012.

We have one cabin that is fully ADA compliant.

On the lower floor is a full kitchen and bath, a fold out sofa or futon bed and flat

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GAIA Consulting and Coaching


After years of operating one of the most environmentally friendly hotels in Jamaica we this year will be starting another project in the hope that we can reach out to as many small properties as possible and assist them in converting their operations. We feel that using our combined knowledge and expertise will be able to put other businesses on the path to sustainability and more cost effective management. We will go beyond 'just consulting' and after the

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The quiet and restful Genal Valley has a history that goes back hundreds of years. It is located in La Serranía de Ronda (the Ronda Mountains) just to the south of the bustling white village of Ronda, near the Mediterranean coast in southern Spain.

The Genal Valley is sandwiched happily between two national parks, La Sierra de las Nieves and Grazalema, and it is commonly acknowledged as the greenest part of Andalusia.

The valley is divided into upper and lower sections, with the Alto Genal (upper

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