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You always hear about Costa Rica’s amazing beauty. The fabulous uncrowded beaches. The exciting volcanoes. The thrilling adventures like zip lining and whitewater rafting. The wildlife … rainforest … and the warm, tropical climate.

What you don’t often hear about is Costa Rican food.

That’s not because there’s nothing to write home about. It’s just that Costa Rican cuisine isn’t touted as much as its sloths and surfing.

That’s all changing. Costa Rica’s government is on a mission to promote the

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Hanoi's 6 Best Vegetarian Cooking Classes


The gastronomy and cuisine of Vietnam's capital become one of the most attractives aspects for many visitors to Vietnam. Do you want to find out some places to pursue your passion for cooking? Here are some recommendations for Hanoi vegetarian cooking classes, geared especially toward foreigners. Here are a half dozen to watch for:

Hanoi Cooking Center

The place provides daily cooking and vegetarian classes. Firstly, you need to prepare the fresh raw ingredients by going to the local market or

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3 steps to the ultimate Aussie BBQ

We’re in the midst of a hot and sunny Australian summer and this means it’s time for a BBQ with your family and friends. BBQ’s are something of an Aussie tradition loved by past and sure to be carried on by younger generations. Here’s how to step up your BBQ game.


The Guest List

When it comes to who to invite, there’s really no minimum or maximum. Instead, think about how many people can comfortably fit in your entertainment area and who are going to get a long and make it a good time. Close fami

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Original Seafood Paella in Valencia, Spain

The famed El Cid battled the Moorish invaders in the area around Valencia during the Middle Ages of Spain.  Unless El Cid held dinner parties with the remaining Moors, it is unlikely that he enjoyed Valencian seafood paella because its origins in Spain developed later from the Moors influences on cooking with rice.


Where is Valencia, Spain?

Valencia is on the eastern shore of Spain, about half way between the Pyrenees border with France, and the thorn in Spanish pride at British-occupied Gibralta

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Hungary's Pride and Joy: Paprika



I've been experimenting a bit more than usual with spices recently, and so pungent Hungarian paprika has been very much on my radar, bringing back memories of a three-week stint in Hungary several years ago. This spice is used in cookery throughout much of the world, but boy do Magyars love them some reddish pepper powder – and in some cases in much stronger versions than the capsicum annuum you might use in your own kitchen.

The word paprika is itself Hungarian but derives from Serbo-Croat

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It is said that "the best place to learn about culture is at the dinner table!"


So starting your Thailand vacation with a Thai cuisine class or a course from a Thailand Cooking School offers you the cultural experience and other benefits. Some of these benefits are:

1. the trip to the market will teach you how to select fresh ingredients and which fruits make your body hot and which counter them by making your body cold and which not to combine together.

2. You will learn what makes the difference

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Cooking with a Real Housewives of New Jersey 


Seneca Niagara Casino & Hotel is about to get “Fabulicious!” this May.  Teresa Giudice, star of television shows “The Real Housewives of New Jersey” and “Celebrity Apprentice,” will provide an up-close, interactive, Italian-cooking demonstration at Seneca Niagara Events Center on Saturday, May 12, at 8 p.m.


Tickets start at $25 and are on sale now at all Seneca Casi

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Cooking in Le Marche, Italy in My PJ’s

9008820496?profile=originalOn a rare, warm, spring-like winter night in a farmhouse in La Marche, Italy, it was also a bright sunny Sunday morning in California.  I was cutting up a chicken and potatoes in my PJ’s, while chef Jason Bartner, in La Marche, instructed me.  Jason told me to make sure my chicken was dry, and to use a towel—it won’t get stuck and it will wash.  All I had to do was roll out of bed, turn on my IPad, click a link, and there he was—live, available for any questions I had.   We braised the chicken a

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Spend a few days in Charleston South Carolina's Low Country and you'll either hear about Wild Dunes Resort or be staying there. An iconic beach getaway across the harbor from downtown Charleston in Isle of Palms, Wild Dunes is a sanctuary from everyday hassles. This means you're not even getting inside the gates unless you're on the guest list or show your pass.

The resort's 1600 acre chunk of barrier island wasn't always so intensely developed. Long the stomping grounds of Sewee Natives and loca

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Pachamanca Cooking in Peru

Pachamanca is more than just a cooking method; it is a spiritualofferring. Pachamanca comes from the Incan traditions of the Andeanregion of Peru. The word comes from the Quencha language, meaningearth (pacha) and pot (manca).

Pachamanca meals are roasted in the earth. A hole is dug and the meatand vegetables are placed into this hole dug into the earth. Hotstones are then placed on top of the food. The hole is covered up andsealed completeley for about 1 1/2 hours and a roasted meal comes out.Al
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Cooking Vacations in Tuscany

Italy is one of the most beautiful regions in the world and one of the top tourist destinations as well. People from around the globe visit Italy for enriching and rejuvenating. The mix of scenery, food, culture, and wine blend together for an enchanting experience.

If you are planning a luxurious vacation but have yet to settle on a destination, Italy should be considered due to its breathtaking scenery and amazing cuisine. Many travelers who visit Italy for cooking vacations chose Tuscany, as t

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The Ultimate Cold River Cocktail

Here in Maine, we know alcohol. Of course the best known Maine alcohol would be "Allen's Coffee Brandy". Someone, somewhere, probably having to do with ice-drinking fishing, decided that Allen's goes well with milk, and the drink went viral.  Young men refer to the drink as LPR (liquid panty remover); all I know is what I've seen--too many years of whole milk and Allen's makes for a mighty large woman. Thus, the other name for milk and Allens (fat-ass-in-a-glass).


We also know potatoes, and ever

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Cookie-Baking-Class-1-300x225.jpgIt’s the most wonderful time of the year! The time when cookie baking begins at the Inn!

Our very popular and long running Holiday Cookie Classes are almost here, and we are as excited as our guests who look forward to them every year!

Taking place December 3, 7, and 8, these hands-on classes are led by long-time Inn cookie baker, Joan Heitman, and feature five carefully selected cookie recipes for guests to make and enjoy. Instructions, recipes, lunch at our gourmet restaurant, and a box of cooki

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So your mother is a chicha-swilling, altimeter-toting, coca-leaf chewing
adventuretraveler. You've never understood her and you're not about to
start now. While other "normal" mom's are getting their nails and hair
done, scheduling their massages, and having luncheons of delicate baby
greens smothered in goat cheese and balsamic vinegar, your mom is
scheduling her next expedition to a remote valley, somewhere far away
(guaranteed not to be a Mexican resort) where they eat things you prefer
to pet,

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