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How to Make the Most of a Museum Trip


Museums are a gateway to a country’s history, architecture, and culture. Most countries have several museums that house artifacts, paintings, and other things sourced over a long period of time. These items are put on display so that people studying them would have able to learn about the ancient times. However, not everyone knows how to make the most of a museum trip and come back with the best experience. It’s mainly because not a lot of thought behind a museum trip and is usually considered t

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Kenya Hot Air Balloon Safaris.

Balloon Safaris Adventure in Masai Mara Kenya.

Hot Air Ballon Safaris-Hot Air Ballooning / Masai Mara Wildlife Safaris / Kenya Safaris.

Experience Unforgettable Breathtaking Views Over The Maasai Mara From The Hot Air Balloon Safari

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Kenya Budget Safari / Kenya Budget Adventure Camping Safari / Travelling in Kenya / Kenya Budget Adventure Safaris/Kenya Budget Travel /Kenya Safaris.
YHA-Kenya Travel Tours & Safaris is  dedicated to providing high-value kenya budget safaris, Kenya safaris, adventure camping safaris and Kenya Budget Safari Packages.
Our Kenya budget safaris are run by an experienced team based in Nairobi Kenya.With all this experience, we can guarantee that all of our Kenya adventure budget camping safaris trave
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Budget Adventure Safari Travel Holidays in Kenya,Kenya Safaris.


YHA-Kenya Travel Tours & Safaris is a dedicated travel company providing tourists with quality Kenya budget adventure safaris, Kenya holidays travel, hot air balloon safaris, Kenya Safaris, Kenya Adventure budget safaris travel packages.

YHA-Kenya Travel is an experienced Adventure safari company and we can guarantee that all of our Kenya Safaris, Kenya Budget adventures safaris, camping safaris, mountain climbing adventures, 

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Airport Travel with Little Ones

Vacations can be exciting. And for parents who feel the need for a break away from work and all of the stress, it can be one of the most relieving times in your life. However, traveling with young children can almost put all of that that stress right back into the situation. I know that traveling with kids through airports can be seem little daunting, and with kids, it may seem a little impossible. However, there are some quick tips for you to make your vacation trip run as best as it can when t

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9008891290?profile=originalPlanning to come to the Costa Rica Caribbean Coast on vacation? While the drive from San Jose to Puerto Viejo is pretty, there is a much easier way to get to Costa Rica’s Caribbean Coast. Fly!

It takes about four hours to drive the 217 kilometers to Puerto Viejo from San Jose. The stretch on Route 32 through the Braulio Carrillo National Park is certainly very beautiful, but can also be treacherous when raining, foggy, or after dark – a good portion of the time.

Save yourself the headache and stre

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Frontier Punishes Flyers Who Book Elsewhere

Frontier is making you an offer you can't refuse.

Today, the Denver-based airline announced a series of new "improvements" (to use the airline's language) that are only available to flyers who book directly on the carrier's website, the just-unveiled These include advanced seating assignments and unrestricted frequent-flyer mile credits. Frontier is marketing the changes as "more choice, more perks, and more value."

But for the most part, it's more choice, perks, and value on one

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New flight to Costa Rica Caribbean Coast opens

9296592454?profile=originalNow getting to the South Caribbean Coast of Costa Rica will be easier than ever with a new 30-minute flight between San Jose and Limon on Nature Air.


Starting Dec. 1, travelers to Costa Rica can fly from San Jose and the Central Valley to the Caribbean port city of Limon on daily flights with the Costa Rican airline Nature Air. Flights depart from the Juan Santamaria International Airport by San Jose at 5:50 a.m., and arrive to the Limon airport at 6:20 a.m. Return flights depart Limon daily at

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Getting injured can be a scary, especially if you are abroad. Language differences and a lack of awareness can cause hurdles in getting prompt medical care.

Accidents can happen anywhere and at any time. But if you are in a foreign country, they are bound to cause a lot of stress and anxiety since you are a stranger there. They make you feel vulnerable and helpless at many levels.


Read on to know how you should handle an accident abroad –

1. Use Your Common Sense

Instead of going into a state of pan

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Spirit Airlines just announced that they are starting daily non-stop service between San Diego, California and Las Vegas, Nevada.

To celebrate, the airline is offering $9 fares (each way based on round trip purchase) on their website today and tomorrow.

The two daily flights between San Diego and Las Vegas will start on September 7 and will increase to three a day on September 22, 2011.

“We are thrilled to welcome one of the nation’s most successful low-fare airline to San Diego International Airp

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Will buying an airline ticket soon be as personalized as buying a suit from a sales person? Probably, as trends go.

It's no surprise that airlines want to personalize their relationships to their customers. If they can figure out how, it would be a huge step toward making the ticket-buying process a lot more individualized, and rewarding.

And why shouldn't it be?
After all, buy a book from Amazon or any savvy online retailer, and you're guided to other books you might like based on your readin

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From NMT Images
FAA Downgrades Mexico’s Airline Safety Rating

The Associated Press announced Tuesday that Mexicana de Aviacion, known to millions of sun seeking, Mexico-bound travelers as “Mexicana” filed for bankruptcy protection in the U.S. and Mexico after pilots and flight attendants rejected a pay cut and layoffs.

Just days before, reports AOL Travel, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) downgraded Mexico’s aviation safety rating citing concerns that safety oversight was not up to interna
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Chasing The 30K Airline Ticket

From From Kaleel
The Thirty-Thousand Dollar Airline Ticket

It's a price sensitive world, where low cost airlines rule the roost and are increasingly the airlines of choice for many travelers, so it's refreshing to meet a contrarian like blogger Rob Cockerham.

He spends his time looking for the most expensive First/Business-Class tickets and luxury flights, and posting the results on his web site,, like the British Airways flight from New York to Sydney (RT) for an eye-popping $ 30,67
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Are You Flying a Mean Airline?

Are You Flying a Mean Airline? 

It’s great that the airlines made money last year, all except American Airlines that is.

And according the recently released 2011 Airline Quality Rating (AQR) report, the experience of flying has improved too.

The AQR  is a touted as a “premier statistical study of major airline performances in the United States” conducted by a Wichita State and Purdue University professor.

Still, outrageous baggage fees, elimination of food and other creature comforts, numerous add-
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Las Vegas Air Travel Deals

The main goal of most business executives is to make their business effective, efficient and streamlined and the use of Las Vegas air charter meets all of these goals. Consider how you and your team examine the efficient functioning of each of the components of your business, and you will be surprised to realize that you are not doing the same with your travel time.

The use of Las Vegas air charter readily maximizes the travel time spent by your staff, travel time that could be more effectively u

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Carbon Offsets: More Hype Than Help

Travel honchos in the travel and tourism industry are running a bit scared.With all the hand-wringing about Global Warming, the execs wondered if they are about to become the next Exxon Valdez of travel, villains in the making: major contributors to global pollution.Will the government, they worried, come out with a slogan: “Save the Planet. Travel Less?“Actually air travel pumps far less carbon dioxide into the world’s atmosphere than automobiles. But carbons
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