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Airport Travel with Little Ones

Vacations can be exciting. And for parents who feel the need for a break away from work and all of the stress, it can be one of the most relieving times in your life. However, traveling with young children can almost put all of that that stress right back into the situation. I know that traveling with kids through airports can be seem little daunting, and with kids, it may seem a little impossible. However, there are some quick tips for you to make your vacation trip run as best as it can when t

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A Plane and Simple Life

I often miss the delightful ignorance of childhood, when the most important things in life were the simple pleasures of life itself.  We keep those memories somewhere in the archives of our brains, to be brought out occasionally by specific triggers such as smell and sound.  Our childhood friends were the best we ever had.  Most of us have people we take for granted, they’re called “parents”. It’s almost expected of that ignorance to limit our ability to appreciate.  But as we grow up, we realiz

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Airline Maintenance Secrets Revealed


by Javier Pedreira

air travel is the safest form of transportation going is not mere happenstance but rather due to rigourous maintenance of equipment and exhaustive training of personnel.

Although in 2010 Iberia added a major maintenance hangar at Barcelona airport, since the 1970s the primary maintenance facilities have been headquartered adjacent to Barajas Airport in a suburban Madrid industrial zone called La Muñoza. This 220,000-square metre (54-acre) is where aircraft engines constantl

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What Planespotting Is All About

by Jorge Guardia/VaDeAviones

Spectacular aircraft photos abound all over the Web these days–shots taken on runways, in hangars, taking off/landing, at cruising altitude. And many of us who glance at them, sometimes think, “how cool,” and move on.

And then… there are the planespotters, along with their closely related–and sometimes overlapping–cousins, aviation geeks (aka “avgeeks”). These gloriously obsessed souls are a dedicated breed in love with aviation and airlines, follow industry news an

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I think I have remembered all the planes I have flown on since I started traveling in the 1960′s. That was tough. I started traveling as a child in the Midwest, then to South America, and then, well all over.


DC3 North central

The first plane I remember flying on was  a North Central Airlines DC- 3 My father worked for North Central so we flew non-rev, meaning free. We called these planes puddle jumpers.

There are still small operators with DC-3s in revenue service and as cargo aircraft. The common sayi

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From NMT Images
Transportation Security Administration Bans Print/Toner Cartridges. Waste of Time?

In its latest commendable but misguided attempt to to stop terrorists, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) just announced that toner and ink cartridges of more than 16 ounces will be banned from all US-bound passenger aircraft in carry-ons and checked bags.

USA Today Travel reports that the move is a reaction to the “thwarted terrorist plot” last week when explosive devices were found on
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From From Kaleel

Would you sedate your child on a flight? Are parents who do, wrong?

A Wall Street Journal article reported that many parents "drug" or sedate their kids on planes so they'll be less bothersome for the parents, flight attendants and fellow passengers.
The "drug" of choice seems to be Benadryl, and while it does calm kids, often putting them out for hours, it has awakened others to what might be an abusive practice.

The responses to an (and other) postings on the subject re
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From NMT Images
Flight Attendants Get No Respect. So Can They Do Their Jobs?

Wanted: Someone to push heavy carts along a narrow aisle dispensing Coke (the drink), cookies and conversation, with a smile.

Applicant must be able to evacuate a plane, determine, behind closed curtains, what passengers are most likely to help in an emergency and wonder about the little girl flying alone, sitting next to that suspicious man.

The smiling applicant must be able change personalities suddenly, bark commands, f
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