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Travelling with babies can be challenging, especially in a foreign country like Dubai. However, if you are having proper planning and preparation, then it will tremendously contribute to an enjoyable experience for both the parents and the baby.

If you are planning for a family vacation soon, here are our six tips to help you to travel with your babies in Dubai.

Choose the Right Time to Travel

During the summer months, the weather in Dubai can be extremely hot. So, it is essential to plan your trip

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Best Things to do for Kids in Sharjah

Tourists are welcome in Sharjah, and this emirate is ready to delight everyone with desert safari, rides, water parks, colorful souks, art centers, and play arenas. When it comes to visiting with kids, there are a lot of questions that come to mind. What is the safe place to visit in Sharjah with kids? Which is the best amusement park in Sharjah for toddlers? Sharjah boasts amazing attractions such as theme parks, edutainment centers, and aqua. Thus, to help you out, we've noted down the best th

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6 Key Tips for Traveling with Kids

Kids always explore to know more about new places where you visit. Here are some helpful travel tips moms and dads should consider when traveling with them.

1. Take Your Time

Never ponder that your expected travel planning will be fix because there is nothing to stop you when you are on tour with your toddlers. Kids always excited to explore more about new things, places, culture, nature and regimes too. What if at a place they like a lifestyle too much and want to pass time there, at that momen

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5 Fun Activities for Kids in Rome

Rome is not an ordinary city. Harmoniously combining all the epochs, it conceals many mysteries. Many tourists travel with children who, like adults, do not want to be bored.


For a trip to the places of entertainment and recreation, you will certainly have to use car hire service at Rome airport
Let’s look at the top 5 fun activities for kids in an enigmatic city Rome.

Go to Eden Park

The amusement park is located in the Boccea quarter. This is fairyland of games and entertainment for children. In

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From From Kaleel

Would you sedate your child on a flight? Are parents who do, wrong?

A Wall Street Journal article reported that many parents "drug" or sedate their kids on planes so they'll be less bothersome for the parents, flight attendants and fellow passengers.
The "drug" of choice seems to be Benadryl, and while it does calm kids, often putting them out for hours, it has awakened others to what might be an abusive practice.

The responses to an (and other) postings on the subject re
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What’s the Difference Between a Kid and a Carry-on Bag?

Judging by the new round of airline fees, probably not much!

Southwest Airlines opted not to charge for carry-ons (other airlines opted out too), but then announced it was doubling the fees it charges unaccompanied kids to fly.

There has always been a fee for “UM’s aka/Unaccompanied Minors, as they’re called in the biz, but Southwest’s jump from $25.00 to $50.00 each way says a lot about the “fee-madness" that has infected airlines everywhere,
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 “Buffalo Tours brings an all new excitement to your children’s holidays by providing Vietnam tours for family with special attractions for children”

Explore the best of Vietnam and provide a whole new experience to your kids’ Vietnam holidays with Vietnam highlights including water puppet performance in Hanoi, Halong Bay cruise on a traditional junk, water Activities, fishing in Hoi An and more. This 12 days/11 nights is designed for the kids’ to discover the fun, culture, beauty, sights and m

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Darned if I was going to be dragged down into senior citizenship without a fight by letting my grandchildren call me “grandma”. The very word conjures up images of little old ladies hunched over knitting needles, warmed by fuzzy cardigans and sporting chunky black lace up shoes – not an option for a boomer ex-soccer mom who grew up with bell bottoms and the Beatles. So after the birth of my first grandchild, I borrowed an idea from a hip friend who successfully avoided the same dilemma by adopti

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Screaming Child Bursts Passenger's Ear Drum. Airline Sued

Well (pun intended) now we've heard it all.
A 67 year old American passenger traveling from Alice Springs to Darwin, Australia, on Qantas Airlines was stunned when a child screamed in her ear. The passenger, Jean Barnard, claims her eardrum was ruptured, and blamed the airline for "failing to take necessary precautions to prevent the accident."

The passenger, says Travel Trends, claimed the injury was so severe blood erupted
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Travel’s Second Class Citizens

Can you imagine the travel industry, limping along in this sclerotic economy, not catering to the needs of an important travel niche market: Single Parents?
This travel cohort feels like second class citizens.
They’re not swingers.
Not looking for wild parties.
They want quality vacations that let them connect with other single
parents, and they want attention paid to them and their kids.
They want the travel industry to know they have needs that are different
from coupl

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