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What is your family favorite sport? You know, surfing has become a popular family activity nowadays. Every family who is going to spend holidays together can pick one of many surfing destinations worldwide. Speaking about the US surfing tours, it usually includes everything from prestigious hotels to surfing lessons. Besides, your active leisure will include yoga lessons, hiking tours, and family days out. All you need is to rent a car and pack for a trip. Traveling with a big family, call for 7

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Where to Meet Singles in Atlanta

Are you going to Atlanta this weekend? Luckily, you have found a friend who is ready to share this trip with you. Finally, you agreed on your plans about the destination, car rental, hotels, travel schedules. You decide where to stop the car for dining and what places to visit. Suddenly your friend’s sending you a message that her sister is getting married that week and she can’t miss that family event.

You can go through that scenario several times before you go for a trip. Never give up! Even i

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5 Effortless Tips for Female Travellers

I'm sharing some tips for solo female travellers, especially those traveling for the first time, all alone!

Fake It Until You Make It

No one begins as a brilliantly certain independent explorer. This comes after some time as you become more open to finding your way without anyone else and settling on your own decisions.

In any case, solo ladies who look lost or befuddled can frequently pull in some unacceptable sort of consideration. Attempt to look sure and stroll like you realize where you're goi

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Solo travel

I’m travel lover, I work hard to earn money and travel easily. My last travel was solo, i have been traveled to Asia alone for more than one month, It was my best and unforgettable trips. it made me more stronger. Solo travelling will help you trusting people easily.Solo travelling is freedom. You can do whatever you want, whenever you want, however you want it change my life. my best experience was lived with tribes. Tribes, during your solo travel you might experience hundred other things, but

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My First Time in Iceland


My solo travels have mostly taken me throughout North America; but this last trip stretched my independence and my endurance. I was originally intrigued when several months ago I saw an online mention of airfare to Reykjavik from Los Angeles for $200. Wow, I cannot fly anywhere in the US for that price, so I made a mental note. Of course, by the time I had decided that I would venture to Iceland, the price had doubled; but it was still an unbelievable deal. I booked one week in Iceland a

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I love my husband and we are truly best friends but when we get into one of our arguments about something meaningless in a “drive me crazy” kind of way; I need to head for the hills.

Let me clarify:

I need a “Marriage Travel Time Out”.

I need to take a trip somewhere far and away from everything that relates to my routine life and get to know myself a little better as one instead of two.

Many of our friends have split up and it’s confusing and complicated. It’s hurtful and it’s life changing and th

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What’s the Difference Between a Kid and a Carry-on Bag?

Judging by the new round of airline fees, probably not much!

Southwest Airlines opted not to charge for carry-ons (other airlines opted out too), but then announced it was doubling the fees it charges unaccompanied kids to fly.

There has always been a fee for “UM’s aka/Unaccompanied Minors, as they’re called in the biz, but Southwest’s jump from $25.00 to $50.00 each way says a lot about the “fee-madness" that has infected airlines everywhere,
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Singles Holiday Deals

Being a single has its advantages and disadvantages. The disadvantage comes into play when you are planning a vacation and when you have to look for a suitable travel companion who you can enjoy with. So, your plan depends not on you, but on the availability of your companion. The advantage is that you can just pack your bags to set of on a tour for singles. The time and trouble which you face while looking for a travel mate can be utilized at an exotic location with a cup of coffee at seaside.


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Single Travellers Can Enjoy This Holiday Season

With most of the individuals overburdened with the work pressures as well as their personal lives. A growing number of adults choose to remain single. This of course does not mean that the single people do not have desire to enjoy a social life or have fun. And one thing on every single’s mind this holiday season is taking up a solo travel.

Solo travelling for women can be very exciting. Thanks to the wide range of tours available with the travel companies in the market. Singletons can use a solo

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Stop Slamming The Single Traveler

From NMT Images

Stop Slamming The Single Traveler

Why should a single traveler have to pay the same price that a couple pays for a hotel room?

There’s two of them and only one of you, so as a single traveler you’re being penalized for going solo by paying double the cost.
A room price is almost always based on “Double Occupancy,” the travel industry standard.

But if there’s only one of you traveling, why should you, the single traveler, pay the double occupancy rate of, say, $200.00?
Worse, some hote

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Nighttime View of Dubai Taken from the Hilton Dubai Creek

(TTBS) I like to think of myself as a good person and responsible traveler but here's a confession, I'm not.

Sure, I've chastised litterbugs and those molesting animals in national parks and even gave my food to a homeless man last year but my irresponsible tourism blunder happened during my 2006 trip to Kabul. For those not in the know, I missed my flight to Kabul and ended up spending the night in Dubai before meeting up with the rest

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Traveling is not all about sightseeing, great restaurants and experiencing new cities. While these things are great and can make for really enjoyable travel, they are not always in the plans for weekly business travelers. We travel more often because we have to, not because we want to.

For those of us who travel routinely, it can sometimes be mundane things that happen to us along our journey that get us excited. Or we create our own fun with little games we play with ourselves to get through th

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