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Author's savvy earns "Business Travel Success" a finalist spot on the 2012 Business Traveler Innovation Awards ballot

Global Business Travel Association GTBA
Business Travel Innovation Award Finalist 2012

Orlando, FL 14 June, 2012 – Sometimes success really is about what you know. For Carol Margolis, veteran of over 25 years of traveling on six continents—sometimes 50 weeks out of the year—her knowledge of how to travel safely, productively, constantly, and still keep her sanity and her family has landed her new book on one of the most

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Traveling is not all about sightseeing, great restaurants and experiencing new cities. While these things are great and can make for really enjoyable travel, they are not always in the plans for weekly business travelers. We travel more often because we have to, not because we want to.

For those of us who travel routinely, it can sometimes be mundane things that happen to us along our journey that get us excited. Or we create our own fun with little games we play with ourselves to get through th

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