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Best Picks for Summertime Travel Novels


Best Picks for  Summertime Travel Novels

It's summer “ and the reading should be easy,” so I came up with a short list of a few travel novels that I personally found especially rich and exciting.

Very often a travel novel is a far better read than a guide book. It creates a vividness and depth of a town or village or city more memorably.

And so, with temps hovering in the 90’s, here are my summer picks for a lazy read. You certainly have your own.

In Travels with a Tangerine, Tim Mackintosh-Smith  s

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Kill the Travel Press Release-Tweet it Instead

So I was sitting at a media lunch when I overheard someone from a Canadian tourism office say to her companion that they were thinking of no longer sending travel media releases out. They were going to tweet them instead.

I was taken aback because just an hour previously, I wrote  this article and thought somehow she was the  angel of affirmation.

But she’s right on.

I receive on average 35 travel press releases a day,  in one form or another.

And that’s

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JetBlue’s Manager of Corporate Communications, Morgan Johnston, says “The mission of JetBlue is to ‘bring humanity back to air travel.’

If that isn’t Mission: Impossible, what is?

So when I read that NY Times best-selling author and  online community expert, Chris Brogan, awarded Johnston the title “Agent Zero,” - someone who creates a bridge between a company/brand and the people, I almost saluted.

But how does Morgan approach Mission: Impossible? How does he go about building a dynamic, loyal com

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Why Is Hotel Web Content so Boring?

9008664080?profile=originalWhy Is Hotel Web Content so Boring?

There was an interesting round table  discussion recently sponsored by visual content management powerhouse, VFM Leonardo  .

The basic question the panel was asked to consider was this: Why is hotel web site content so boring, and how can it be made more engaging for the traveler?

It so happens, that the initial  stage in travel decisions is the all-important  “Planning Stage,” the tipping point, so to speak.

So if content is almost exclusively transactional and
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Stop Slamming The Single Traveler

From NMT Images

Stop Slamming The Single Traveler

Why should a single traveler have to pay the same price that a couple pays for a hotel room?

There’s two of them and only one of you, so as a single traveler you’re being penalized for going solo by paying double the cost.
A room price is almost always based on “Double Occupancy,” the travel industry standard.

But if there’s only one of you traveling, why should you, the single traveler, pay the double occupancy rate of, say, $200.00?
Worse, some hote

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