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Singles Holiday Deals

Being a single has its advantages and disadvantages. The disadvantage comes into play when you are planning a vacation and when you have to look for a suitable travel companion who you can enjoy with. So, your plan depends not on you, but on the availability of your companion. The advantage is that you can just pack your bags to set of on a tour for singles. The time and trouble which you face while looking for a travel mate can be utilized at an exotic location with a cup of coffee at seaside.


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Single Travellers Can Enjoy This Holiday Season

With most of the individuals overburdened with the work pressures as well as their personal lives. A growing number of adults choose to remain single. This of course does not mean that the single people do not have desire to enjoy a social life or have fun. And one thing on every single’s mind this holiday season is taking up a solo travel.

Solo travelling for women can be very exciting. Thanks to the wide range of tours available with the travel companies in the market. Singletons can use a solo

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Stop Slamming The Single Traveler

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Stop Slamming The Single Traveler

Why should a single traveler have to pay the same price that a couple pays for a hotel room?

There’s two of them and only one of you, so as a single traveler you’re being penalized for going solo by paying double the cost.
A room price is almost always based on “Double Occupancy,” the travel industry standard.

But if there’s only one of you traveling, why should you, the single traveler, pay the double occupancy rate of, say, $200.00?
Worse, some hote

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Travel’s Second Class Citizens

Can you imagine the travel industry, limping along in this sclerotic economy, not catering to the needs of an important travel niche market: Single Parents?
This travel cohort feels like second class citizens.
They’re not swingers.
Not looking for wild parties.
They want quality vacations that let them connect with other single
parents, and they want attention paid to them and their kids.
They want the travel industry to know they have needs that are different
from coupl

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