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9009385657?profile=originalFor our first-ever trip to the Caribbean, my friend Michael, his then-girlfriend, my then-girlfriend, and I rented a cottage on the north coast of Jamaica, about a stone's throw from Ocho Rios and the parish of St. Mary. This was in 1979, and travel to Jamaica was different then. Couples Resorts existed, but there were no Sandals or Beaches resorts -- in fact, few large hotels or all-inclusives of any stripe. Nor would we anti-establishment types have even wanted one. 

What we wanted was to tool

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Sustainability and being good to the planet mean everything to Playa Nicuesa Rainforest Lodge, even down to their incredible Costa Rican natural bath products by Raw Botanicals.

9009174864?profile=originalIf you have stayed at Playa Nicuesa Rainforest Lodge in Costa Rica, you’ll remember the delicious smells of their banana hair conditioner, ylang-ylang shampoo, and papaya tangerine body wash. If a vacation to the Costa Rica eco-lodge is in your future, you can look forward to their Costa Rican natural bath products!

The st

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Costa Rica super woods coming soon?

My front door is starting to stick. The kitchen cupboards under the sink now won't close, and my bedroom door is suddenly dragging across the floor tile. Is my house in need of repair? No, it's just rainy season in Costa Rica.

Wood in Costa Rica is greatly affected by rain and humidityIn the tropics, water and humidity play a major role in daily life. For us in Costa Rica, rain affects everything from drinking water supply to growing food, maintaining our forests and vegetation, and our electricity generated by hydroelectric power. Not quite so obvious,

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Sun, sea, waves, tanned bodies and relaxed attitudes are all part of the surfing lifestyle, but it has also come to my attention that tourism can be a part of the ‘gnarly’ world of riding waves.

Whilst researching alternative tourism activities in West Africa, I came across a great number of surf shops, surf camps and surf tours along the coastal areas in countries such as Senegal, Liberia and Ghana. These are little known projects, and not only take the tourist to some beautiful beaches, but als
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Ladakh is one of the most attractive tourist spots in India. Surrounded by the mountains on both the sides this snow land incorporates beauty, peace, calmness and serenity and is the perfect holiday destination for summers. Ladhak is also popular among tourist loving adventure sports as it offers unique adventures in trekking, mountaineering and white water rafting.

Tourism in Ladakh has increased remarkably in past few years, majorly because of development of good hotels in the region and better

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Once considered as a beach resort paradise with approximately 3500km of coast line dotted with palm trees and covered with white sand, West Africa has seen a steady decline in traditional tourists over the past few years. Now there seems to be a renewal of interest and tourists are beginning to trickle back to the hustle and bustle of the colourful markets, the relaxing sound of the Atlantic waves crashing on a pristine beach or to the exhilarating beat of the Jembe and talking drum.

There are se

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Having read some shocking stories about Jos town in central Nigeria over the past few weeks, I would like to also bring you some positive news about the country, to counter these generalisations which give the impression of the whole of Nigeria being a violent country.

In Oyo state, in the South-East of the country, our local expert in Nigeria, Fasoranti Oluseyi Taiwo is organising an educational youth project to increase the awareness of secondary school students towards or about the concept of
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