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How to Travel for a Better Life?

People travel overseas and immigrate to fulfilling their big goals. The goal may be higher studies, research work, business, or a salaried job. Studies or earnings whatever is your case to plan overseas travel, you would need money for this. Either an already saved fund for such traveling or a loan for immigrating is the option. But you must avoid getting into bad debt in the process of a secure and safe settlement in a foreign country.

Why immigrating is expensive?

Traveling abroad or just to ano

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Scholarship For Students

Reaffirming the assurance of the Government to bring all the students belonging to Scheduled Tribe (ST) category under scholarship schemes, Minister for Social Welfare, Sakina Itoo has said that Central Government has agreed to enhance the quota of the scholarship for the State and approved all pending cases submitted earlier.

The Minister was speaking after disbursing post-matric scholarship cheques among the students of ST category here at Polytechnic College, today. As many as 84 students of p

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Having read some shocking stories about Jos town in central Nigeria over the past few weeks, I would like to also bring you some positive news about the country, to counter these generalisations which give the impression of the whole of Nigeria being a violent country.

In Oyo state, in the South-East of the country, our local expert in Nigeria, Fasoranti Oluseyi Taiwo is organising an educational youth project to increase the awareness of secondary school students towards or about the concept of
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