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In Bali, a Cancer of the Heart

It often seems that at least 90% of foreign tourists only step into one part of Indonesia – Bali, the formally Hindu majority paradise just to the east of Java. But by the time I finally took the ferry across the narrow waterway between the two islands, I'd spent three months in Indonesia, all in Java.

I was truthfully, scared to come here. It features heavily in classical writing about Asia, a tropical paradise, Shangri-la, with an amazing unique culture and perfect artistic light. But something

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Voluntourism in Vietnam: Ruralkids

CDS Rural Education Development Organization (Vietnam) is looking for interested volunteers who would like to share their time and talents with the staff and students of our school. Volunteers strengthen and enrich educational programs and foster greater cooperation among all the partners in our rural school community.


Our school welcomes volunteer involvement in a variety of areas and capacities. Volunteers may provide short term or long term commitment to carry out maximum support in improvi

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Ladakh is one of the most attractive tourist spots in India. Surrounded by the mountains on both the sides this snow land incorporates beauty, peace, calmness and serenity and is the perfect holiday destination for summers. Ladhak is also popular among tourist loving adventure sports as it offers unique adventures in trekking, mountaineering and white water rafting.

Tourism in Ladakh has increased remarkably in past few years, majorly because of development of good hotels in the region and better

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Ecoturismo: responsabilidad de todos

La definición de Ecoturismo ó Turismo Ecológico es la actividad turística que se desarrolla sin alterar el equilibrio del medio ambiente, evitando así daños a la naturaleza.

Una de las cosas que hace del Ecoturismo algo muy atractivo es el vínculo que se logra entre el visitante y las comunidades locales que son quienes reciben muchas veces al turista y a su vez vigilan que sus recursos recursos ecológicos se vean afectados.

El ecoturismoconsiste en viajar por áreas naturales sin perturbarlas, con

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Responsible tourism is about tourists making environmentally friendly, sustainable, ethical and respectful choices when travelling and minimising the negative impact of tourism. Being responsible is something all tourists needs to take into consideration when making a decision on travelling to a destination.

Responsible travel can be considered as the most enjoyable way to travel because it brings you closer to local people and culture, it gives you the chance to experience the authenticity of t

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Gambia5.jpgEvery year different NGO’s, and other private organisations come together with one purpose: to raise money to reduce poverty in the world. This gesture extends to the whole of the African continent. The idea of these fund-raising activities is to help improve the lifestyle and betterment for the poor. There are numerous NGO's with different aims to reduce poverty in Africa. Orphan Aid Africa helps families of children at risk of abandonment and gives them secure futures within their communities
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Since the recent news touching on the chaos that the Icelandic Eyjafjallajokull volcano caused for tens of thousands of air travellers, I decided to look at the possibility of travelling overland to West Africa. It may take much longer, however it also could cost about the same as a flight, be much more rewarding, allow you to explore different elements of African culture along the way and be more environmentally friendly when it comes to your carbon footprint. After all, according to a Chinese
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