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Located 10 minutes from downtown Los Angeles, the Fisherman's Outlet is one of L.A.'s favorite seafood lunch restaurants, an iconic L.A. eatery and  "fish heaven" to Angelenos and tourists alike since 1961. The location may not be the best in L.A,  located near Little Tokyo and  Skid Row - so why do people come from throughout the L.A. area to this seedy neighborhood? For mouth-watering seafood cooked to perfection. Open for lunch only, be prepared to wait in line during the lunch rush hour, but

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When the coffee mill is roasting in my little town in Costa Rica, you can smell the aroma throughout our hills and valleys. The sweet, pungent fragrance entices you to a steaming cup or two in the morning, and following tradition, another at 3 p.m. When I first moved to this small Central American land, I was puzzled by how it seemed the entire country stops at 3 pm for its cafecito”. After nearly 11 years of living here, I find the local custom lovely, and follow it quite strictly rain or shin

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Is there a better time to visit Italy than in the fall? The summer madness has died down, yet Italy remains warm and inviting. In the town of Alba, in the Piedmont region, in the northwestern corner of Italy, is a food-festival lover's delight. The region is much less touristed than its Tuscan neighbor.

From October 6 to November 18 in the town of Alba, each weekend it's all about truffles. Yes, truffles, the key ingredient of many a gourmet meal.  Food lovers from all over the world travel to Pi

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Madrid's Hottest Hamburger Havens

by Isaac Gutiérrez

You probably wouldn't associate coming to Spain with chowing down on a big juicyhamburguesa, but the fact is that it's all the rage these days, especially in the country's capital - and even visitors from the birthplace of the burger, the U.S. of A., have noted that there are now some pretty authentic and just downright tasty offerings to be had in Madrid. Here are several of the top patty palaces. Have you been to any others not on this list? 

Home Burger Bar   This is one

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I’ve been lucky to spend my time in three cities, San Francisco, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico and Los Angeles. One of my favorite things on earth is a hot pastrami or corned beef sandwich from Canter’s Deli in Los Angeles. Canter’s Deli is the closest thing to a true New York Deli on the West Coast. breakfast, lunch, and dinner all served 24 hours a day. Beef brisket, Canter’s reuben, lox, gefilte fish, roast turkey, burgers, tuna melts, and more.  Try Canter's bakery as well. I’ll bike miles through

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Learn to cook New Orleans cuisine


Take a cooking class at the New Orleans Cooking Experience to learn about the wonders of  the Louisiana food.  It offers cooking vacations, half-day, private and special event classes to visitors and local New Orleanians.  The highly personalized classes focus on authentic Creole cooking.  Regular classes are limited to ten, and include instruction, recipes, wines and conclude with a multi-course dinner party. Special event classes are available for groups of ten

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Italy, The Best Selling Destination in Europe

Recommend Magazine, one of the leading travel trade publications of North America, recently issued their 14th Annual Readers’ Choice Awards, in which Italy was, for the 6th year, awarded as the Best Selling Destination in Europe.
“We are honored to have received this recognition once again,” says Ricardo Strano, North American director of the Italian Government Tourist Board. “While I, of course, believe Italy to be the most charming and interesting destination in the world, it is nice to be the
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If you've ever eaten Anatolian, you know what a Turkish delight it is, and Istanbul (not Constantinople) is certainly jam-packed with places to shovel it in. But on Akbiyik Caddesi, a popular restaurant row in Sultanahmet near the Blue Mosque, Hagia Sophia, and Topkapi Palace, Dutch-born Cordon Bleu alumna Eveline Zoutendijk set out her shingle with a slightly more focused purpose than merely getting tourists fed.

Sure, at Cooking Alaturka you can certainly pull up a chair and feast on goodies

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Recently in Puerto Rico I attended the Saborea (savor), a “culinary extravaganza.” The event is a series of tastings and parties that culminates at Escambron Beach, ocean side under enormous tents. One tent showcased tastings from island chefs and Puerto Rican rum. Yum! The other tent was set up as a food theatre where two chefs had 45 minutes to create their own signature dish that was then judged side by side by a panel. The chefs were either Food Network or Bravo TV stars, or stellar local ta

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Chau's Fresh Fruit and Juice also serves fresh steamed corn and boiled peanuts. Located at Maunakea Market.

You'll surely wish you'd have a kitchen to cook in when you stroll around Chinatown on a busy Sunday morning. Shop after shop overflows with fresh produce, meats and seafood -- a feast for the eyes as well as the palette. The streets are abuzz with locals shopping and haggling. You'll want to do some of the same if you're tempted by the myriad little shops with Chinese goods ranging from

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Coveting the Cuisine of Chile

12378082097?profile=RESIZE_930xPablo Rogat

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There I was in my white lab coat, examining 40 vials and trying to determine which combinations to mix to get the best outcome. Admittedly, I wasn’t performing some important scientific discovery or creating a medical breakthrough, but it felt almost that significant. What if I screwed up, made ridiculous choices as to the most effective ingredients and came away with an awful smelling product. Yup, I was making perfume at the Tijon Parfumerie & Boutique on the French side of the Car

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Some Top Attractions of Singapore


Singapore (nicknamed "the Lion City") is Asia’s favorite holiday destination. Polished and pampered, for the visitor, it packs quite a punch in a small package. Full of character and surprisingly accommodating, this city is alive throughout the night and bustling all through the day. First time in here? A great two-day Singapore itinerary includes exciting top attractions, shopping districts, and modern marvels, as well as the leisurely, tropical side of this unique city-state.




Food and

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Getting the Inside Scoop on Foodie Milwaukee



How do you find out about all the hidden neighborhoods and history of a city? Three of us writers had a short time in the city of Milwaukee and wanted to savor as much as we could of the ethnic neighborhoods, architecture, and history.  We contacted Theresa Nemetz of Milwaukee Food and City Tours, who offered us a flavor of what one of their many tours showcased of the city.


Since our time was so limited, she suggested a brief tour of Brady Street, one of the oldest neighborhoods, original

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