truffles (2)

Highly coveted as far back as ancient Egypt, Greece, and Rome, the mushrooms known as black truffles remain a major object of desire of foodies and gourmets across the globe. But while many think of them as typical of Italy and France, most of the world’s supply of the delicacy dubbed “the black diamond” these days actually comes from Spain – and in particular, regions of the country’s northeast with just the right growing conditions: parts of AragónCastile-León, and Navarre.

The round, rou

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Is there a better time to visit Italy than in the fall? The summer madness has died down, yet Italy remains warm and inviting. In the town of Alba, in the Piedmont region, in the northwestern corner of Italy, is a food-festival lover's delight. The region is much less touristed than its Tuscan neighbor.

From October 6 to November 18 in the town of Alba, each weekend it's all about truffles. Yes, truffles, the key ingredient of many a gourmet meal.  Food lovers from all over the world travel to Pi

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