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Biking on trips - both long and short, at destinations all over the world - is booming, with global cycling tourism estimated to be worth more than $116 billion and growing by more than nine percent each year. And why not? It´s a healthy and relatively inexpensive way to get closer to the places you visit and the people who live in them, and can make it possible to discover off-the-beaten-path attractions that you´d likely miss by using other forms of transportation. But there are a few

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14 of the Top Tours on Maui



Whether you want to catch the glimpse of awe-inspiring sunrise at Haleakala National Park; take to the water on a whale-watching adventure; snorkel around Molokini; or taste some of the Hawaiian Islands' best pineapples, there's is a tour in this list that fits well with your interests. Analyzing both expert opinion and traveller sentiment, we've determined more than a dozen of the best, which all feature trained veteran guides keen to share their insights about the Valley Isle’s astonishing

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Buyer’s Guide For Best Mountain Bike Pedals

Types of MTB bike pedals based on Material:

The materials of the bike pedals can make a huge difference in its overall speed, comfort, and strength of the pedal and also the bike as a whole. Most of the mountain bikes are of a compound material and some of the most expensive brands are of refined material to enhance the overall performance. The most common MTB pedal materials are as follows,

  • Plastic
  • Steel
  • Aluminum
  • Titanium
  • Compound materials


Plastic is not a great material for seasonal riders b

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9008988687?profile=originalIf you are visiting the north Pacific region of Guanacaste, Costa Rica, the best day of adventure you can dream of is at Hotel Hacienda Guachipelin by the Rincon de la Vieja Volcano.

Put simply, you can have the best day of Costa Rica adventure tours that you can dream of all in one place. Matter of fact, there are so many fun adventures that most people have a hard time choosing what to do: zip-lines, canyoning, waterfall rappelling, river tubing, horseback riding, mountain biking, nature trails

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Canada is a country where you’ll find nature at its finest, from Barkley Sound in BC - every day out on the water said to be comparable to an episode of National Geographic - to the towering Cypress Hills, where the skies of Saskatchewan come to life.


Spend ten days exploring Alberta, from the world-famous Calgary Stampede to its equally lauded national parks: Banff an outdoorsman’s paradise and Lake Louise and Moraine Lake two of the most photographed locations in the world.


In a compelling journ

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The shining and smoothly flowing holy Ganges, the chants of prayers coming from the ghats, the music of the river that touches you soul, the scenic charm that rejuvenates your mind and body, and the adventure sports that give you the high. At the foothills of the Himalayans in Uttarakhand state, Rishikesh is known as an ancient city holy to Hindus, but thanks to its location it has also become a go-to place for adventure junkies and backpackers in the recent years - for many, a perfect blend of

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If you’ve always wanted to go mountain biking in Costa Rica, but thought it beyond your ability, there is hope.

In Costa Rica, the northwestern province of Guanacaste is a big place for biking tours. Especially mountain biking due to its rugged terrain of mountains and volcanoes.

Now electric mountain bike tours in Costa Rica are making the sport of mountain biking accessible to everyone. This new technology allows people of all abilities to explore the Costa Rica countryside by bike.

“You can

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New Costa Rica cycling tours for mountain bikers

9008909059?profile=originalCosta Rica, known for its beautiful beaches and rainforests, is also gaining fame around the world for mountain biking and endurance sports competitions.

Now there are Costa Rica vacations dedicated solely to mountain biking. If you are a mountain biking enthusiast looking for a training trip or a fun and challenging cycling vacation, now Cycling Trails Costa Rica has partnered with Horizontes Nature Tours to offer exceptional mountain biking and cross country cycling trips in Costa Rica.


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Mountain Biking in Les Gets

When you want to go mountain biking Les Gets is the answer

Located in the Portes du Soleil, one of the most popular places for Mountain biking, Les Gets is one of the prime locations. It has more than 200km of trails and connections to 12 other resorts in the surrounding area. It is also famous for its downhill tracks, hosting the Downhill World Cup on several occasions. Found in the middle of the French Alps, Les Gets has tracks which run into Switzerland and Italy so you can easily make an inte

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Arizona is home to desert valleys which makes it ideal for bicycling; however, it’s mountain range is also the perfect place to go mountain biking. Below you can find the best places to go mountain biking and bicycling in Arizona. Be sure to bike safely, always wear a helmet.

Arizona Trail

This trail is one of the most beloved in Arizona. It begins at the Coronado National Memorial, which is around the Mexican border, and expands up until the Rincon Mountain further north. The region contains s

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9008985867?profile=originalIf you like the thrill of riding rough and fast down the rugged terrain of an active volcano in Costa Rica, passing through rainforest, splashing through rivers and getting muddy, then this new mountain biking tour is for you.


In Guanacaste, Costa Rica – a major area for mountain biking – Hotel Hacienda Guachipelin has created the Iron-Horse Downhill Mountain Bike Tour for travelers who want to experience the unparalleled adventure of mountain biking in Costa Rica.


Over the years, Costa Rica has

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The rugged, dry mountains surrounding part of southern Arizona, was the location of our excellent bicycling trip with  Sojourn Adventures

For six days of perfect weather (80 degrees, sunny, dry) last March, we biked through the dramatic countryside of southern Arizona, near Tuscon and with the scary-looking border fence in site.


The Saguaro cactus can take up to seventy-five years to grow an arm (!), and can live up to one-hundred-fifty-years.   We biked right passed thousands of them in the So

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9008662860?profile=originalBolzano is the capital of the province of Alto Adige (South Tyrol or Sudtirol) in Italy. Originally a Roman settlement, after the fall of the Roman Empire, immigrants arrived from Barvaria to the north, and it has been settled by German populations since then. Before World War 1, Bolzano was part of the Austro-Hungarian county of Tyrol, and became part of Italy at the end of this war. This cultural heritage is still prevalent throughout the region, from its bilingual street signs and town names,

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Morzine mountain bike holiday

Mountain biking is a sport that is loved by a lot of people. However, you cannot just go mountain biking on any type of terrain. In order to get the best out of this wonderful sport, you require rugged terrains. One of the best places to enjoy this sport is the Alps, in a place called Morzine. A lot of people flock to this area every year to enjoy their favorite sport. The terrain is perfect for mountain biking and the surrounding views are also stunning. The area also features various types of

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Les Gets- mountain biking accommodation

Mountain biking is a sport which, as the name suggest, can only be enjoyed on specific terrains. As such, when you ride your bike on level ground, you are not mountain biking. Most mountain biking enthusiast know that in order for them to get the best out this sport, they require rough terrains, and what better place to enjoy this wonderful sport than in the Alps.

There is an area in the Alps known as the Les Gets which is characterized by rough terrains that are suitable for mountain biking. Mou

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Five Can't-Miss Adventures of a Lifetime

Starting to think about warm-weather travel yet? Check these out:


During the summer months biking in Alaska is a fun way to see America's largest state. Get up close with Alaska’s nature and wildlife, meet the locals.


 By bike you get far away from tourist areas, but still travel on paved highways, on less traveled roads. Give yourself at least seven days to cover 50-70 miles of this pristine,  outdoor wonderland.


 Local knowledge, small group size and personalized service have made Alaska Bike,

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The vivid colors, open air and bicycles were all in the Cambodian countryside. The experience taught me an important and unforgettable lesson: One of the best ways to spend time exploring a new country or city is to do so through bike riding.
Bright green fields stretched to my right and left, scattered with small wooden shacks with resting farm animals, drying clotheslines and barbed wire fences. A bright red dirt path stretched in front of me. The air was hot and extremely humid, a combined fe
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While traveling through Europe one recent August, I took a different approach to getting around than I have in the past. Usually I buy some sort of multi-day public transit pass that allows me extensive use of a city’s public transit system. Paris and London in particular have superb bus and subway train systems (the “Metro” and “Underground” or “Tube” respectively). But since my last visits, both cities have introduced a new way for its citizens and visitors to get around: community bicycles.
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I found an interesting biking path called "Sentiero della Bonifica" and I want to share this infomation with the friends of Tripatini. This path is very interesting for naturalistic and historical reasons, it cross two Tuscany districts the one of Siena and the one of Arezzo.
The starting point is reachable with the train and you can rent a bike and just bike along the bank viewing the marvellous Tuscany environment and the lakes of Chiusi and Montepulciano.
You can find information on the offical
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Winery sign post , Old Redwood Highway , Road to Healdsburg


Just a short drive from San Francisco from and you've entered a new world. In fact, drive 45 minutes north, over the Golden Gate Bridge, and you'll be in Sonoma County. Not sure if I've traveled across the Atlantic and landed in Tuscany. No, but Sonoma Counties wine country, rivals any in the world, and does have a "Tuscan" feel.

Sonoma County many times takes a back seat to it's "big brother" to the east, the Napa Valley. While Napa is

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