Morzine (2)

Morzine mountain bike holiday

Mountain biking is a sport that is loved by a lot of people. However, you cannot just go mountain biking on any type of terrain. In order to get the best out of this wonderful sport, you require rugged terrains. One of the best places to enjoy this sport is the Alps, in a place called Morzine. A lot of people flock to this area every year to enjoy their favorite sport. The terrain is perfect for mountain biking and the surrounding views are also stunning. The area also features various types of

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Les Gets- mountain biking accommodation

Mountain biking is a sport which, as the name suggest, can only be enjoyed on specific terrains. As such, when you ride your bike on level ground, you are not mountain biking. Most mountain biking enthusiast know that in order for them to get the best out this sport, they require rough terrains, and what better place to enjoy this wonderful sport than in the Alps.

There is an area in the Alps known as the Les Gets which is characterized by rough terrains that are suitable for mountain biking. Mou

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