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Biking on trips - both long and short, at destinations all over the world - is booming, with global cycling tourism estimated to be worth more than $116 billion and growing by more than nine percent each year. And why not? It´s a healthy and relatively inexpensive way to get closer to the places you visit and the people who live in them, and can make it possible to discover off-the-beaten-path attractions that you´d likely miss by using other forms of transportation. But there are a few

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The rugged, dry mountains surrounding part of southern Arizona, was the location of our excellent bicycling trip with  Sojourn Adventures

For six days of perfect weather (80 degrees, sunny, dry) last March, we biked through the dramatic countryside of southern Arizona, near Tuscon and with the scary-looking border fence in site.


The Saguaro cactus can take up to seventy-five years to grow an arm (!), and can live up to one-hundred-fifty-years.   We biked right passed thousands of them in the So

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Costa Rica Becoming a Biking Hotspot?

Yes, Costa Rica is fast becoming one of the world’s top destinations for cycling and mountain biking.

The annual Vuelta Ciclista a Costa Rica (Tour of Costa Rica) just finished in December. The 12-day-long stage race is Costa Rica’s own version of the world-famous Tour de France, and has been steadily attracting international competitors over the past 40 years. The race crisscrosses the country across towering mountain ranges from sea level to more than 3,000 meters (nearly 10,000 feet high).


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