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August 31

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  • Please do visit Vietnam. I'm happy to show you, your customers, your family around the country. see us more at www.oneworldvn.com for boutique tours around VN and Indochina.

    Best regards,
  • Thank you Maralyn, we are delighted to be a part of the IFWTWA page and look forward to chatting.
  • Thanks Maralyn. And I appreciate that you are a supporter of social media. I came to the game late (at 54, without a portfolio or nary a clip), but my timing was perfect for the Internet travel explosion, so that's where I've focused to break into this very close-knit community. As with all new things, it sometimes takes people a while to get on board. Like Allan - I envy him his history of published articles in traditional publications, but I really believe that the traditional journalists need to get on board with electronic media or they will gradually fade away. I sometimes feel inadequate because I can't point to a huge portfolio of newspaper and magazine articles, but on the other hand, my blog now had sufficient numbers to be sought by PR firms for press trips and advertisers who pay me so I can write what I like without having to deal with the onerous task of pitching to non-responsive editors.
  • Thanks Maralyn: That explains why I didn't know about it. I have pretty much stayed away from anything to do with food & wine, since I don't drink, which makes it very difficult for me to participate in press trips that have any kind of focus on wine.
  • Hi Maralyn: Great to connect here. Thanks for friending me. OK, here's a stupid question. What is IFWTWA?
  • Hi Maralyn. I usually listen to and try to follow all of your excellent advice. Great to Lisa and a few others I know on this site. See you soon in Temecula.
  • Puerto Rico was wonderfully interesting. Really enjoyed learning about the history and culture along with touring rum distillerias and tasting all kinds of plantain dishes.
  • Anytime Maralyn! I hope to meet you soon. If my husband and I weren't going to be on our Honeymoon, we would have gladly signed up for Switzerland. We will be in Italy...and the most amazing coincidence: We will be in Como while Michelle and Kurt are in Lugano...a mere 20 km from each other, halfway around the world...
  • Thanks Maralyn. Looking forward to getting involved in Tripatini and IFWTWA.
  • Dear Maralyn,

    Many thanks for your response. I am sorry that she is not you! However, I am delighted that you are you! Thanks for the existentialist moment.

    Best wishes to you and your enterprise.

    Iain R.
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