Saving Clips: A Problem

The screengrab add-on I've been using with Firefox so I can archive clips is suddenly incompatible with Firefox. I haven't found anything to match it for Safari or Internet Explorer -- that is, something that will save complete screens as jpegs or pdfs. I don't use Chromium, but I could easily download it and start using it if it has a good screengrab. What do you use? 

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  • The print and save as PDF works on Macs.

    • Yes, and this looks like the way to go, because it gives you the entire page. 

  • Aha!  Very good. Thank you.

  • Have you tried Skitch? It's a free app that offers tons of flexibility, and is compatible with Evernote. I use it for presentations and it works wonderfully:

  • I've got the latest version of Firefox and use a plug-in called ScrapBook.  Works great for screen captures.

  • I use the PrintFriendly website ... you can convert most web pages to either a print-friendly of .pdf version. 

  • Whenever a new update to FF is rolled out there are always a few plugs ins that aren't compatible (because of how the developer coded them).  I have mine set to auto update when they're updated and have found that they're usually fine within a couple of weeks.  If you need your screen grab sooner, you have your fix, but I'd expect the plug in to be working fine within a short period of time.  You may want to check manually for an update - just in case you don't have it set to auto update.

  • That sounds like the best and simplest solution I've seen. Still, I can't wait until screengrab and the new Firefox are compatible again.  Many thanks, Maralyn. 

  • I have to go command - to decrease the size in order to have the entire article display on the screen. Then i do the command, shift 3. I put it in iphoto and crop.

    However, saving as a pdf is a good alternative and more readable.

  • Irene, I'm assuming that PDF trick work on PCs rather than MACs; is that right? And/or which browsers?

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