• P.S.   U.S. News just came out with its top 10 resorts in the Caribbean. Different methodology, VERY different results:

    10.  Seven Stars Resort

    9.  Amanyara

    8. Jumby Bay

    7. Jade Mountain

    6. Nisbet Plantation

    5. Four Seasons Nevis

    4. Jamaica Inn

    3. Eden Rock

    2. Hotel St. Barth Isle de France

    1. Tortuga Bay

    What happened to all the huge all-inclusives? See what happens when you have travel writers -- i.e. people who have a sense of context and comparison -- contributing to the list? 

  • Good point, Hal; you're thinking like an editor. But even so, the public's task was to pick the 25 best resorts, and they did a pretty bad job. They named the places they'd been to (ergo, all those large resorts), and they didn't know enough to know what they were missing. To me, it's like asking the public to name the 25 best novels of the 20th century. You might end up with a list featuring East of Eden and several other reasonable choices, but you're also going to get a lot of Jackie Collins and Ken Follett.

  • I suspect part of the underlying problem here at least is that they haven't refined their category enough - how much longer would it have taken anyone to think through "Top 25 Water Sports Resorts" or "Top 25 Honeymoon Resorts" or "Top 25 Old World Style Resorts" or "Top 25 Golf Resorts"?  Really, why compare apples with oranges or is that banana with breadfruit? 

  • Like Hal, I'm appalled by some of these choices. I mean, Sandy Lane comes in #17? And Eden Rock isn't on the list at all??? Wouldn't matter, of course, but for the fact that Americans take these lists at face value; they love tripadvisor. 

  • I have a problem with something like Royal Sandals Plantation Inn or Jamaica Inn being grouped in with Iberostar and chains like that.  But, that reaction comes less from marketing realities and more from personal sentiment.  I like anything Mr. CB does, but I have an eye also on what Mr. Baker's doing with bringing back Trident Hotel.

  • I wouldn't say that I'm flummoxed, but I disagree that SPA Retreat is the best hotel in the Caribbean. It isn't even the best hotel in Negril. I'm a fan of the Caves Resort myself . . .

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    • I personally do not like "the best category" for anything, as it is "best" by what standards. I am doing roundup articles for a publication and instead of "best" I say Six luxury hotels in .......... Generally, I'll add, "Their is no way I could cover all, these are the ones I have been fortunate to stay, dine or visit.  There could be a small botique hotel next door that is just as good that I was not aware.

  • Ed, agreed that some are included which mystify me and others are excluded which likewise mystify me just as much by their omission - if that's what you meant by flummoxed.  There seems to be a heavy concentration on the so-called five-star inclusive brand, with just a nod to smaller collections such as Island Outpost (Goldeneye). 

  • No prices does not surprise me, as if you have to ask, they are all mega dollars. Having been to or dined at most of those in the T&C, they are wonderful, over the top, and expensive. I have been to some of the others, but not too many. I am curious to hear what you think is missing.
  • No prices listed? 

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