Saving Clips: A Problem

The screengrab add-on I've been using with Firefox so I can archive clips is suddenly incompatible with Firefox. I haven't found anything to match it for Safari or Internet Explorer -- that is, something that will save complete screens as jpegs or pdfs. I don't use Chromium, but I could easily download it and start using it if it has a good screengrab. What do you use? 

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  • Maralyn - Thanks for your tip. I just did it and yippee, it works. I love simple solutions!

    • That is great Allan. I felt so empowered the first time as it was easy. I like easy.

      I can't take credit for figuring it out, I asked my long time friend and webmaster, Timothy Lack.

      I was working on another project and he told me of a great program. I said, "I don't want another program to learn, I just want an easy solution." So, he provided the answer. I'm lucky to have people like that in my life.

  • I went to the new version and don't like it. I'm using Safari most of the time instead.

  • Did you recently upgrade to a new version of Firefox? I reverted back to an older version of Firefox as I encountered compatibility problems with the newer version.

    • Yup, that's exactly what I did wrong. 

  • On my MAC, I use command, shift and 3, and it takes a shot. Fortunately, not difficult. I lost the same Firefox one you did. I've also started saving the urls in a draft on my gmail--addressed to me. Of course, if the url goes dead, one is out of luck. I like having the clips both ways, but not totally organized on that issue.

    • One other question, Maralyn: Is your MAC saving these screengrabs as pdfs, jpegs, pngs, or webarchives? Thanks again. 

    • It saves them on my desktop without a category and I move them into iPhoto and save as jpegs.

    • For some reason, Maralyn,  command, shift and 3 doesn't work for me. It used to work, but even then, it wasn't capturing the entire page -- only the part that was visible. 

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