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Atenas Costa Rica, Vista Atenas Bed & Breakfast

You will be forgiven for not hearing about this small town in Costa Rica. In fact you will be forgiven for only being able to find minimal information about this district in the province of Alajuela. You will even be forgiven for not knowing that it is located in Alajuela mountain range, and is one of the most scenic places in Costa Rica. So where, you ask is this place - the one which is difficult to find, and which invites you to enjoy a little sl
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When most people think about Costa Rica they imagine wonderful beaches. However, visitors should also discover the mysterious cloud forest. In case you love scenic location and wish to enjoy spending your time out in wild, then you must certainly visit this place. It is waiting to be found.


You can do it by visiting Monteverde and Santa Elena.

Many locals of the region can trace their roots back to the US. During the 1950’s a few Quakersmoved here from Alabama to honour one of their most importan

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As with anything, it begins with a story.

A small Central American nation yearning to grow from subsistence farming to being a world player with agricultural exports chooses to think big. Costa Rica is the country, and coffee is its most valuable commodity. The year is 1871.

This is the decade of enormous world industrial, urban and agricultural growth, expansionism and technological “miracles.”In these next years, the telephone, the light bulb, the phonograph and the steam drill will be invented

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“Keep close to Nature's heart ... and break clear away, once in awhile, and climb a mountain or spend a week in the woods. Wash your spirit clean.” ~ John Muir

Leaving everything you are familiar with and going to a new destination could be the recipe for any manner of trip. Add in a program of relaxation designed to clear the mind and ease tension, he

althy vegetarian cuisine, time in nature and exercise that restores you, and you have the makings of a Yoga Holiday.Relax and restore on a yoga retreat

Yoga retreats, or “holidays” as

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Looking for the ultimate surf vacation and a great adventure?
Costa Rica
is the place for you!

Chase some perfect waves and have the time of your life at
Del Mar Surf Camp’s Co-Ed
All-Inclusive Surf Camp.
Del Mar Surf Camps ideal for beginners & advanced surfers


Ideal for both men and women, beginner & advanced surfers, Del Mar Surf Camp offers the best surf vacation experience with a choice of 3 different spectacularly beautiful locations in Costa Rica – a place full of magic beaches and fun waves – a t
Hermosa Beach
on the
 Central Pacific Coast,

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Costa Rican surfer,
Carlos Muñoz, is making his mark and earning Costa Rica a place in world surfing fame at many international competitions such as
Volcom Pipe Pro
competition in

The 18-year-old wave rider from Playa Esterillos scored the
first perfect 10
of the world-famous international competition. – Day 2 of the event. Beating out 64 surfers from around the globe, including Hawaiian legends Kalani Chapman and defending Volcom Pipe Pro Champion John Florence, Muñoz won the
“highest s

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One of the best things about living in a tropical country is all of the fresh fruits and vegetables. Even better is if you live near the ocean for fresh fish as well!

Costa Ricawe enjoy year-round fresh produce thanks to the myriad of tropical micro-climates in our mountainous country.Pranamar Oceanfront VillasOrganic produce and meats are the latest hot thing too – another plus.
The open-air restaurant and tea lounge at
Pranamar Oceanfront Villas & Yoga Retreat, at
Playa Santa Teresa, specializes in healthy, organic

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Spring Break is just around the corner!

This year, try something different for you and your family and learn to surf like a pro in Costa Rica!

Warm tropical water, world-class waves, friendly and fun atmosphere, and international language experience – all of this and more at the
Del Mar Surfing Academy. Located within
Costa Rica’s Central and North Pacific Coast
and Santa Teresa beaches, the academy offers safe and memorable vacations for kids, teens (up to age 19) and families

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Getting around Costa Rica

You’ve got your flight to
 Costa Rica booked, your hotel reservations or tour itinerary set. Now what about
 getting around?
There are many choices, from
 in-country flights to
 renting a car, hopping a
 local bus or hiring a 
private shuttle or 
tour bus complete with bilingual driver. It all depends on how fast you want to get somewhere, how many places you want to visit, what you want to see and, of course, how much money you want to spend.

Getting around Costa Rica

While Costa Rica is small, comparable in size to West

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Journeys of the Heart in Costa Rica

Romance is in the air. Being the month of February, with Valentine’s Day and International Day of Friendship, it’s no wonder that romantic holidays are the hot thing on everyone’s minds.

But romantic getaways need not come but once a year. You can make any day – or weekend – your special “Valentine’s” celebration!

What about an idyllic romantic adventure in Costa Rica? Elements Travel
of Costa Rica has just the ticket with their
“Journey to the Heart of Costa Rica” 9-day holiday program. They’ve d

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Irazu Volcano, Cartago, Costa Rica

I remember the first time I visited Volcano Irazu. It was my first year living in Costa Rica. A friend of mine and I rented a car to drive around and explore this magical country we now called home.

Irazu-01.jpg?width=240We set out in the morning from San Jose, a hot and bright sunny day. We drove through Costa Rica’s first historical capital city of Cartago, past the soaring and majestic Basilica of Our Lady of the Angels, on up through patchwork farm land ascending the flank of Irazu Volcano. Up and up we wound, pas

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Balace your life with yoga!

Twisting yourself into a pretzel is what many people think of when they hear the word “yoga.”

Yoga-02-200x300.jpg?width=200Yoga is the “in” thing in the western world over recent years as people look to ease stress, find ways to relax and live healthier lifestyles.

Yoga, though, is actually more than just the physical; it is a mental and spiritual discipline as well, stretching back 6,000 years ago to ancient India, and associated with meditative practices in Hinduism and Buddhism.

Yoga, in Sanskrit, can be loosely translated

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Travel in 4x4 rental car in Costa RIca

For travelers seeking the greatest eco-holiday experience, 4x4 Rental in Costa Rica offers one of the most
flexible and easy ways to travel through this beautiful land of contrasts. A regular car may get you from one destination to the next if you're sticking to paved roads, four wheel drives however will get you from the towering cloud forest of the Monteverde National Park to the remote paths at Corcovado National Park, all in true off-road adventure style. Self-drive also has the added benefit

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With extensive development and industrialization of nations across the world, the idea of coming across a Natural Paradise can seem like a yearning for the past - but some destinations, such as the Monteverde Costa Rica, have managed to hold on to their natural beauty, making them a favored choice for travelers seeking a real natural holiday experience.

Monteverde Cloud Forest has long been a destination chosen by the thousands, the initiatives by the government to boost tourism; it is now attrac

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