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More people than ever are relying on just their smart phones when it comes to travel photography. And why not? Our smartphones are slim, portable devices that take up less space and attract far less attention than DSLRs or even compact cameras. And the results we can achieve with our smartphones are remarkable! photo
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In the name of research, we spent some time downloading and playing with a few of the most popular free photo apps available to Android and iPhone users. What we learne
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Professional Photo Tips for Travelers

Shared by my friends from International Expeditions




We’re sharing veteran wildlife and nature photographer George Ritchey’s tips for getting the most out of your equipment and experience. With over 35 years of wildlife photography experience and credits including Robb
, Atlanta Journal Constitution andBirmingham Magazine, Ritchey offers travelers tips on how to capture, preserve and enhance their memories while traveling.

  • Equipment

    I don’t recommend that you bring a tripod unless it is a ver
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Sometimes the most authentic way to experience a destination is with a small group led by an expert guide. Such was the case when my neighbor Daira Paulson went snorkeling in Micronesia last year.

“We took a Sea for Yourself snorkel trip to Yap and Palau, where we snorkeled in clear warm water with a wide variety of colorful fish and coral. It was a spectacular experience. The group size is limited (we had nine).

“The company owner, a marine biologist, and another marine biologist who has lived in
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By BuzzInRome

Can photography interpret the future, can it provide Futurspectives? This is the underlying question that the Photography Festival of Rome, on display until October 24, will try to address. Bumpy ride, Maps and Legends, Unpublished-Unknown are the three main sections of the Festival, complemented by the work of Tod Papageorge on the city Rome, Giuliano Matteucci’s pictures of Africa, and a preview of “Mutations 3″, the new production by the European Month of Photography.

The ninth ed

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One of the great things about travelling is that you're taking part in a shared heritage, not only with the locals in the places you visit, but also with other travellers. When coming across other tourists on our journeys - perfect strangers though they may be - there's a sense of bonding that transcends nationality and language. One way in which this shared bond is expressed is through photography. There are some types of travel photography that are so commonplace as to have become cliches. The

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Haiti: The Audacity of Beauty


Haiti and travel aren't words that naturally pair in our minds. But photojournalist Maggie Steber, who's visited and revisited the country on and off assignment for 30 years, sees beauty there. As reported in Outside Magazine and the New York Times Lens Blog, there's plenty of beauty in Steber's images and stories showcased in her new website  Audacity of Beauty.

"Maybe it's not what we outsiders would recognize as beauty," says Steber in a series of videos on the site."Maybe it's an audacious
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Photography has done a great deal to change the way we document and share our travels. Back in the 18th and 19th century, when the Grand Tour was in vogue, travel journals were all the rage. Nowadays, a picture is worth a thousand words, and it's increasingly easier to snap a shot. Film cameras are a relic of the past, decreasing even further the costs associated with photography, and nowadays any half decent mobile phone has camera capabilities, turning anyone among us into a budding photograph

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Hoi An, Vietnam - Part 2 (The Photo Tour)

Ever since I bought my new Nikon I hve been yearning to learn how to use it better than I do. If you know what the acronym RTFM means, it barely applies in this case. The camera has more features than I can find time to use while travelling. I always find myself trailing my wife and our guide by 50 steps while I try to frame a decent shot. She gets the low down on where we are and then I try to catch up. Consequently I leave the camera on the auto setting most of the time, which defeats the arti

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Next to dropping your camera in the water, the next worst thing has to be losing your memory- that is your camera's memory. All your photos stored on one little card, GONE!


An ounce of prevention

Don't buy the biggest memory card you can afford and try to store your entire vacation on that single card. Lose or zap the card and there goes all your vacation photos.  So if you were thinking of getting one 32Gig card, buy four 8Gig. Same storage and certainly less risk.


You can use different strate

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palmela-2011-international-panoramic-photography.gifToday is happening the Palmela 2011 - International Panoramic Photography Festival (Conference) on the village of Palmela, during 4 days worlwide photographers and for the first time in Europe are together in a intertional meeting .

Tomorrow, after the festival the participants will participate at Cine Teatro S. Joao in Palmela on a music event of Portuguese Fado with Cristina Pereira and Franklin Papa . 


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How to Enjoy Your Trip to Yosemite

Here at Hotel Charlotte we have a library of information on Yosemite (and other California and National Parks and Lands) as well as hiking trail maps, guided tour and park activities information, plus staff who are very familiar with the  park and can help you get the most out of your visit to Yosemite, whether it is for 1 day or a week or more. Contact us at 209-962-6455 or visit online Hotel Charlotte.


Winter is a great time to visit Yosemite, it is tranquil and uncrowded with incredible winte

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Photography is often about moments which make unique photos that can't be replicated, not with the same person in them, not with the same light, or the same mood. A famous building or monument is not a moment in itself - it's merely a context anyone with a camera can capture. The following are three shots from my latest trip to London when, a couple of children, fascinated by a group of pigeons sheltering behind the National Gallery, spent a lively 15 minutes chasing them up and down the pavemen

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