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Are you no good at all at taking pictures, especially when travelling? Do you come back from a trip all excited about the pictures you took but when you show them they are far from what you expected? Don’t worry, it’s something very common, but that doesn’t mean you’re going to settle for just anything, are you? Here go a few tips that won’t make you worthy of publishing your pictures in National Geographic, but they will make your travel photos (and non-travel pictures too) a bit more interest

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POSITIVELY My Kind of Town, Chicago Is!


Looking into the city  

Although I grew up about 40 miles southwest of a world class travel destination - that great big wonderful windy city of Chicago, I tend to take it for granted. And like most people around here, I don’t get there often enough. A fact that hits home whenever I do get there. ‘Why don’t I come here more often?’ is what I ask myself every time! 

Iconic guardians of the Art Institute  

Chicago is a city of contrasts – the old and the new, the North Shore with the South Side, Gra

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We love travelling so we love travel photography !!!

GrandtourGo is searching for beautiful pictures from all over the world.

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There are 3 main categories:




9008782692?profile=originalPortrait of a person or a group of people who have caught your attention. Wheatear is your grand mother or a local you have met on the top of the Himalaya share it with us!













9008784281?profile=originalShare with us your creativity and special composition gift while taking pictures of your most loved cities.






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12 Tips To Make Your Travel Pics Pop


by Doug Bardwell

 Got a special holiday coming up? Chances are you plan to document your every move with a healthy collection of travel photos (who doesn’t these days?). As a professional photographer who’s been at this game for quite a few years, I’ve learned a thing or two along the way about what makes a shot truly memorable. For your edification, then, here are a dozenphotography tips distilling my hard-earned wisdom, whether you’re shooting with acamera phone or an expensive DSLR. Even if a

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Professional Photo Tips for Travelers

Shared by my friends from International Expeditions




We’re sharing veteran wildlife and nature photographer George Ritchey’s tips for getting the most out of your equipment and experience. With over 35 years of wildlife photography experience and credits including Robb
, Atlanta Journal Constitution andBirmingham Magazine, Ritchey offers travelers tips on how to capture, preserve and enhance their memories while traveling.

  • Equipment

    I don’t recommend that you bring a tripod unless it is a ver
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One of the great things about travelling is that you're taking part in a shared heritage, not only with the locals in the places you visit, but also with other travellers. When coming across other tourists on our journeys - perfect strangers though they may be - there's a sense of bonding that transcends nationality and language. One way in which this shared bond is expressed is through photography. There are some types of travel photography that are so commonplace as to have become cliches. The

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Making Travel Photos Useful

I'm in the middle of a job that I have a love-hate feeling about - filing the photographs I've shot over the past few months. I spent a lot of time travelling this year, and my purchase of a little Fujifilm S1800ir?t=yukonalaskacom&l=as2&o=1&a=B0035JD0DW point-and-shoot camera back in mid-May has probably increased my always-prolific shooting a bit because it's so handy.


In any case, just since the 16th of May I've shot 8,716 images just on the Fuji (I seldom use my Canon Digital Rebel anymore). After editing, I have just under 8,000 le

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