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A Few Key Water Safety & Health Tips


by Phil Paoletta

Whether it’s a summer holiday or a winter escape, beaches are a no-brainer when you need to get away for some minimally dressed relaxation and fun. But there are also certain precautions that you should take in order to stay safe. The beach is no place for stress and worry, so heed the following tips and avoid unnecessary risks.

Fresh Water vs. Salt Water

Some of us prefer the sea, others inland lakes and rivers. And fresh and salt water have significant differences when it com

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How to Enjoy Your Trip to Yosemite

Here at Hotel Charlotte we have a library of information on Yosemite (and other California and National Parks and Lands) as well as hiking trail maps, guided tour and park activities information, plus staff who are very familiar with the  park and can help you get the most out of your visit to Yosemite, whether it is for 1 day or a week or more. Contact us at 209-962-6455 or visit online Hotel Charlotte.


Winter is a great time to visit Yosemite, it is tranquil and uncrowded with incredible winte

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