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If you're looking to step into the boots of a real cowboy on your riding holiday look no further than Ranch Rider, as the tour operator is run by keen equestrians and horse owners, their passion to help you get more out of your time in the saddle.

Tony Daly, managing director of Ranch Rider, comments, “Even though branding, roping and cattle work are available activities at most working ranches, there are always subtle key differences in the guest experience from one ranch to another. From the be

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No, price isn’t everything in travel. It counts for a great deal in making travel decisions, but those merchants of “low, low prices” are missing the point.

What seems to drive travel choices is the ability for the traveler to connect with a brand; to feel and identify with it.
At least that’s what the Harris Poll EqiTrend 2012 (EQ) study tells us.

The poll is a study of the health and function of major brands, and Travel Daily News has a neat summary in its newsletter.

Stating a travel axiom,

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Creating a Blog for a Hotel

So the hotel you work for has asked you to start a blog, so how do you start? Well that’s easy go to either wordpress, blogger, tumbler, etc and open up an account and blog away.

Well it’s a little bit more complicated than that as 

Social Media Guru Brian Solis explains in one of his blog posts,”Think about a blogging strategy. Sit down with the executive and marketing team, including PR and Web. Chart-out an official plan, identify prospective participants and writers, and dedicate time to makin
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Destination Brandwatch

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